Frequently Asked Questions

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Shipping Times

When will my order ship out?


Upper Receivers

Why haven't I received the Upper Receiver from my order?

Can I get the Rail (Barrel, Flash Suppressor, Etc.) on my Upper Receiver switched out for a different one?


.308 Lower/Upper Receivers

What parts can I use to build my .308 Lower/Upper receiver?


Partial Shipments

I ordered a Lower Build Kit, and an Upper Receiver, but only received my Lower Build Kit. Where is my Upper Receiver?

I only received my Lower Receiver. The Lower Build Kit from my order was never sent to me. Where is my Lower Build Kit?


Editing/Adding/Combining an Order

Can I swap an item from my order to a different item?

Can I add something to my order?

Can I combine my orders together?


Compliance Department – Handles all firearm orders

**Please inspect all firearms before completing the transfer process from your FFL dealer.

I forgot to give you my FFL information.

How can I find out if you already have my FFL dealer on file?

How can I find out what FFL dealers you already have on file in my area?

How do I know if a firearm/magazine capacity is compliant in my state?

California / Maryland / Massachusetts approved handgun rosters.

Can you ship a pistol lower receiver to California?

Can an FFL dealer hold a package at the UPS hub?


FFL Locator Issues

PLEASE NOTE: The FFL dealers listed on our FFL locator comprise a separate website database provided for customer convenience only, but it does not necessarily reflect what FFL dealers are currently on file at PSA.

I cannot locate my FFL dealer on the website FFL locator?

How can I have my FFL dealer added to the website FFL locator?


In Store Pickup (firearms)

How do I make my order an In Store Pick up?

What is the return policy for PSA Retail stores?


Firearm Returns

What do I do with a firearm that is not functioning correctly?

What if my order was not delivered to my FFL dealer and returned to Palmetto State Armory?


FOID/FID Information

Where do I send my Illinois FOID/New Jersey FID/ Connecticut Pistol Permit Card Information?


Issues with Placing an Order

Why will the website not let me complete the ordering process?


Password Reset

Why can't I reset my password?


Out of Stock Items

Do you know when this item will become available again?

Do you have a system that will notify me when this item comes back in stock?

Can I order an out of stock item, and you send it once it comes in? (Back Ordering)


Gift Cards

Why is my gift card not working?


Palmetto State Armory Warranty Policy