HSM 45 Colt 325gr LFN-GC Bear Load Ammunition 50rds - HSM45C-7-N

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HSM 45 Colt 325gr LFN-GC Bear Load Ammunition 50rds - HSM45C-7-N

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SKU: 80117
UPC: 837306003561
MFR#: HSM45C-7-N
Caliber: 45 Colt
Bullet Type: Wide Flat Point w/Gas Check
Bullet Weight (Grains):325 
Muzzle Velocity (Feet Per second):1155 
Muzzle Energy (Foot Pounds):963 

Loaded with 15 Brinell Hard-Cast Gas-Checked lead bullets, HSM’s ‘Bear Load’ ammunition is for those situations where you want the maximum penetration to stop game NOW!

What firearms can I safely shoot your 45 Colt Bear Load from?

The original 45 Colt cartridge was developed almost 150 years ago. The pressures developed by this cartridge were mild at 14,000 PSI Maximum Average Pressure. Even though modern firearms can and are being manufactured to handle much higher pressures, the official SAAMI standard for 45 Colt ammunition is still as originally produced.

Because of the vast numbers of vintage and replica firearms that can safely handle only ammunition loaded to the original ‘Cowboy Action’ level of pressures, shooters should never use any +P style ammunition in any firearm unless they are confident of the strength of that firearm.

Firearm manufacturers are understandably hesitant to claim their firearms are capable to safely shoot ammunition that exceeds SAAMI specifications since they probably do not know anything about that particular ammunition.

Our research into this issue has resulted in the following recommendations for firearms that we are confident can safely shoot our 45 Colt Bear Load +P and our other 45 Colt +P ammunition. Although shooters may claim other firearms can safely shoot this ammunition, unless the firearm manufacturers go on record stating that fact, we advise shooters to not use this ammunition in any other firearms.

45 Colt ammunition OTHER than Cowboy Action ammunition is for use ONLY in the OLD STYLE LARGE FRAME Ruger Blackhawk (post 1973, not the pre 1973 3-screw) including the ORIGINAL Ruger Vaquero and Ruger Bisley version of the Blackhawk, the Thompson/Center Contender, the Magnum Research BFR, or any firearm chambered in 454 Casull or 460 S&W including the Taurus Raging Judge.

It is NOT for the NEW STYLE SMALL FRAME Ruger Blackhawk and its variants like the NEW Vaquero or the New Flat-top Blackhawks.

It is NOT suitable for the Colt Single Action Army, Colt Cowboy, Colt Anaconda or Ruger Redhawk, Taurus Judge, any Smith and Wesson revolvers including the Governor or any vintage or replica firearms.

We have no information on any rifles that can safely shoot this ammunition at this time.

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"The key to successful shooting...HSM ammunition. HSM has been providing quality ammunition products for sports shooters, hunters, law enforcement, government and military since 1968. HSM uses quality components in its ammunition products from such companies like Winchester, Speer, Sierra, Barnes, Remington, Hornady, Lapua, Starline, Berger, Swift and others. HS Munitions, Inc., HSM, is a Montana based ammunition manufacturer committed to providing only the finest ammunition to shooters, hunters, law enforcement agencies and military units. Founded in 1968, HSM has grown to become one of the leading manufacturers of specialized ammunition products in the country. With over 700 products spread across 125 calibers, you will find our products available for any shooting situation."

SKU: 80117
SKU 80117
Brand HSM Ammunition
SKU: 80117

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