PSA RANGE FAQ's – Ridgeland/Beaufort

Q. What are the range hours?
A. Store hours are 7 days a week, 10am-7pm. The range will let the last shooters on the range no later than thirty (30) minutes prior to the store closing. This means no later than 6:30pm daily.

Q. How long is your range and how many lanes do you have?
A. Our range is 25 yards long. We have eight (8) lanes total. Lane one (1) is rated for shooting up to, and including, 5.56mm. We only have one rifle-caliber rated lane, so there may be a wait on some days.

Q. How do I transport my firearms in the store and range?
A. Anytime a firearm, rifle or pistol, is transported into the store for use on the range, it must be inside a case and unloaded. All firearms handling and manipulation (to include loading) must only be done within the confines of the shooting booth with the firearm pointed down range.

Q. Does your range have air conditioning?
A. Yes.

Q. What are your range fees?
A. Range fees are $8 per half hour. We allow up to three (3) people to share a lane. Each individual sharing a lane will be charged a $5 guest fee per half hour. Memberships are available. Please contact range staff for more details!

Q. What, if any, ammunitions restrictions apply to the range?
A. We do not allow any steel-cased or aluminum-cased ammunition on the range. We also do not allow any steel core or *penetrator* type ammunition on the range (No 62 grain 5.56mm, commonly referred to as “green tip.”). For those wishing to shoot shotguns, we only allow slugs to be used on the range, no *shot* of any kind (No spread loads i.e. birdshot, buckshot, or snake shot). No *tracer* rounds.

Q. What caliber restrictions apply to the range and can I shoot my AR/rifle there?
A. We allow handguns, rifles, up to and including 5.56mm, and shotguns (slugs only) to be used on the range. Shotguns must have a stock on it (no pistol grip only) to allow firing from the shoulder.

Q. Can I book several lanes for a large party?
A. Yes, we can accommodate reservations for large parties. Contact the range for information and availability at 843-379-4867.

Q. Who can I talk to about a variety of firearms classes?

A. has a variety of training classes, including Concealed Weapons Permit classes, available to the public. This website has a complete list of classes, schedules, and prices. You can also contact the range directly at 843-379-4867 to speak about personalized one-on-one lessons ranging from beginner safety classes to marksmanship skills training.

Q. Can minors shoot on the range?

A. Yes, however, they must be under the close supervision of a parent or legal guardian that is familiar with firearm safety and handling. Classes are available for minors under the authority of a parent or legal guardian. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact our Ridgeland range at 843-379-4867. Thank you for choosing Palmetto State Armory. We look forward to meeting your firearm, shooting, and hunting needs!