PSA 16" Mid-length Premium Heavy Upper - Without BCG or Charging Handle


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Very Nice Review by Jeffrey

I just received my upper today and wow! Very nice. I did a lot of research before ordering and I'm very impressed. Sometimes you can get more for your money! I will definitely be ordering from Palmetto again, and will be spreading the word among my friends!

(Posted on 8/11/2014)

Must purchase! Review by Erick

I have two of the PSA premium rifles, one of these and one off the Todd Jarrett versions. I will say both are AMAZINGLY accurate! At 100 meters the ammo is going through the same holes. A grouping of 5 shots was smaller than a dime and was one of the best groups I have ever shot. I just ordered another and you should too.

(Posted on 5/2/2014)

100% satisfied Review by Ricky

I couldn't be happier. Ordered on apr 4th , and was delivered on the 15th. My BCG and CH was delivered the same day along with a carry handle. I cleaned the upper , installed carry handle ,BCG and CH and out for my first shots. First 3 shots was on target at 100 yds with no adjustments at all, truly a plug and play! Im completely happy with Palmetto State Armory. They answered every email, delivered in 9 working days, and my upper and parts were all delivered in perfect condition. Now catching the Easter ammo sale with free shipping. Thank You PSA

(Posted on 4/20/2014)

Good Stuff Review by Christopher

This is a very high quality upper. Mated with a PSA lower and some minor upgrades, I have a gun that will serve me well, and will no doubt last longer than I will.

(Posted on 1/7/2013)

great product Review by seek420

Got this during Labor Day Madness sale to go on my work lower. Was shipped in 15 days and I just couldn't beat the price. Some coworkers of mine have been dealing w. PSA for a while and told me I would not be disappointed. They were right. Love the match grade FN barrel, great finish and ready to go right out of the box. Sighted in in less than one box of ammo. I did replace the stock handguards with a YHM FF rail. Great overall product. I will buy from PEA again.

(Posted on 11/13/2012)

Fits perfect. Shoots great! Review by George

Took about 18 business days to get it in. Was plug and play with my lower. Shoots a tight group with no issues.

(Posted on 11/9/2012)

This Upper is as Good as my LMT at 1/2 the price. See my Build below..............Thanks Review by Charles

I bought the Mid Length Heavy Premium Madness 16 " CMV Chrome Lined Upper during your Labor Day Madness Sale. I recieved it 30 days or so later. When I checked after 15 days I was told they were running a little behind due to the Sale of so many Uppers that sold. So when I recieved the Upper I was shocked. This is probably the BEST Upper I have ever used to Date for an AR build. The Wait and Low Sale Price were definitely worth it. ( 295.00 Shipped to my House ) It is easily on Par with my LMT. I had a spare LMT M16 BCG that popped right into the Upper. I also had a PSA 7075 Charging Handle. Everything fit seamlessly. I installed a Mid Length UTG Pro Quad Rail and UTG Match rear site that I had ( UTG Made in USA Match Rear Site and Pro Quad Rail for the money they are the best value ) and all fit seamlessly on the Upper. The Triangular forearm cap that PSA used worked out fine with the UTG Pro Rail. Some after market Rails only work with the Round Cap. I installed the PSA Upper now complete on a Stag complete lower that I had. It locks up like they were made for eack other. No Wobble between Upper and Lower. No AR15 accuwedge needed. ( Like on my LMT Upper and Lower ). I took to the Range and put 250 rds down range iron sites at 50 then 100 yds. After sighting in I shot 50 Hornady 60grain V-Max rds at 100 yds. ( Scoped ) I ran 3 5 shot groups in at 5/8 " at bench rest and standing best I could do was 1.25 " with a flyer now and then. But what a Rifle now for the Money. I will be using PSA uppers for future builds. Thanks

(Posted on 10/16/2012)

The uppers I received are great and function 100%! Review by WTFOver

I wrote a review a couple of days ago that apparently didn't get approved. What my review stated is when I went to a gas block and FF handguard that I had to open the gas hole to 3/32 from the 1/16 to get it to eject with Wolf. Turns out I have a faulty gas block as the identical 2nd upper I have works great with Wolf! I should have tested the upper BEFORE pulling the sight and installing the gas block. Sooooo the moral of the story is, check things out before you change anything as in todays market some add ons are not up to snuff. The uppers I received are great and function 100%!

(Posted on 10/5/2012)

Enlarged gas port to .0938 (3/32) to hold bolt open with Wolf steel case. Works and looks great now!! Review by WTFOver

Update on my review of 09/13/12. Put a floating handguard on and a gas block after pulling A2 front sight. Unfortunantly it ended up being a single shot. Took it back to the shop and checked the gas port which was .073. I bored it to .0781 (5/64) and it would function with brass ammo and sometimes come back far enough to catch the bolt hold open, on Wolf it would not pick up a second round. So back in the shop and bore the hole to .0938 (3/32) and now it works and hold's bolt open with Wolf ammo. This is a Heavy barrel mid length gas system so I don't know what the problem was. To Palmetto's defense I have to state that I did't try it with the A2 sight/gas block. I noticed a small amount of leakage around my gas block hole when I removed it which may have contributed to the problem, don't know. But it works now so this weekend time to check groups!

PSA Edit: All uppers are test fired as part of our QC before they leave our facility. Removing the front sight and drilling into the barrel voids the warranty.

(Posted on 10/3/2012)

Great value and great product. Review by BASHAR

Wow! Great product. I like this upper much more than my duty Colt AR-15 because its smoother and shoots much softer.

(Posted on 10/3/2012)

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