PSA 16" 5.56 NATO M4 Premium SS12G2 - Without BCG or Charging Handle - 31013

PSA 16" 5.56 NATO M4 Premium SS12G2 - Without BCG or Charging Handle - 31013


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I love this upper, it is so light. Review by JL

I got this upper a few months ago and absolutely love it. I paired it with the PSA pictogram lower, and it shoots like a dream. It's super light - weighs two pounds lighter than my Colt AR.

Shipping took about a week and UPS delivered very fast. I haven't been able to find any retailer that has better deals than PSA. I get everything from them.

(Posted on 7/17/2014)


I could not even find the parts for the price of this upper. What a deal! I purchased this when it was $399. The Rail is $180, a clean upper is $75, a chrome lined barrel is at least $150. And they assembled and tested it. I've put 80 round through it so far. will be putting a couple hundred more this coming week.
Shoots great! No visual defects, I'm getting compliments from all over.

(Posted on 4/16/2014)

EXCELLENT!!! Review by Kyle

I ordered my upper on 2/19/2014 and received it 3/6/14. I was not in a hurry just wanted to have a great product at an excellent price and guess what? I got it!! Upper is as described and a bonus it comes with the rails, screws, loctite, and sling attachment from Midwest Industries. I have not shot this thing yet but plan on putting it on my PSA lower when that arrives. Great packaging, they box it with egg crate foam like a gun case. I would HIGHLY recommend buying this product. The one and only thing I can bitch about is that it did not come with the wrench to remover hand guard/barrel nut. I would like the ability to remove the hand guard and put on another rifle but not a deal breaker. BUY ONE!!!!

(Posted on 3/6/2014)

Great upper for the money! Review by Josh

Bought this complete upper with the palmetto enhanced BCG in Sept 2013. Used it for my first rifle build, and put it on a new frontier polymer lower. With the polymer lower many of my friends comment how nice and light it is. Rail looks awesome and shoots great. MI rail is a nice less is more style that comes with pica tinny attachments for any accessories you might add to it(light etc) and the bottom of the rail has quick release slots machined in(deep style)..

(Posted on 2/26/2014)

Quick handling, light, thin & tough Review by Johnny Astro

Bought it Jan 7, 2013 so I've got some time with it now and my overall impression is that this upper makes for a pretty light weight & tough weapon system.

The free float rail added to the M4 barrel make this upper quick handling, thin & light. It's a good platform for a solid simple rifle, outfitted with a Trijicon RX01NSN 4.5 Amber Dot this is a K.I.S.S. weapon.

(Posted on 2/17/2014)

Great upper for the price! Very Happy with my first AR. Review by michael

Ordered Nov 19, 2013 picked up in store on Dec 6, 2013. Purchased for $369.99 and couldn't be happier! I wanted the mid-length CHF with this rail, it never seams to be available. So I pulled the trigger on this one and will go back for the Middy for my second after seeing how great the quality and performance of this upper. Mine didn't originally come with the 3 rails and 6 screw with loctite but after a call to Customer service they arrived in two days to my door. I went to MI website and ordered the 4.5" rail for my Magpul AFG2 as the 3 short rails are not enough and you can't mount them together side by side. I also order the 3 pack of MI-G2SS-Panels to complete the front grip area and the AR-Series Gas Tube Cleaning Brush. I will use one of the included rail pieces to mount a light and/or laser. I the upper mounted on a PSA MOE blem lower and it has a tiny bit of wiggle but nothing i didn't see on $1,500 rifles at various gun shops I have looked at over the last 6 months. I outfitted it with Magpul front and rear sights off eBay and bought the 6 pack of Magpul magazines with the Palmetto State Armory 36" Single Gun Case in Black. Shot 6 rounds in the backstop to break in the barrel; I then did a FULL cleaning. Next day Rifle sighted in with 3 shots at 25 yards using a bench and stool. I was then able to sink the next 6 shots in a quarter sized group. Shooting standing off hand at 25 yards I kept a 2" group of 15 shots. I then dumped a full 30 into a 6" group rapid fire. The barrel got very warm almost to hot to touch, hand guards stayed cool. I was shooting cheap ass Tula .223 steel rounds from Walmart. never had a jam or failure. Very Happy with my first AR and I have learned a ton about my new gun. YouTube and the forums are great resources.

(Posted on 1/13/2014)

AWESOME! Review by Beerman313

Want a close up view of this upper? Watch the link below!

(Posted on 1/13/2014)

Fantastic upper! Especially at this price. Review by Alexander

Haven't been able to properly bench test this upper yet but overall first impressions are very positive. It shot flawlessly, and the fit and finish is really on par with higher end manufacturers. The rail is perfect if you have smaller hands or just want something slim. Mine did come with the rail pieces which wasn't noted in the description. One aluminum with integrated QD attachment point, and the other two polymer ones that allow mounting anything else. They are short however, about 1 1/2 inches, so if you want to mount something like a Stark SE-5 forward grip you may have to put two together. The rail is very close to the barrel, but I didn't notice any heat issues, and it seems very well ventilated.
I purchased my upper on 11-26-13 and it arrived on 12-24-13 so it did take a while. Take into account however that is probably due to the holidays somewhat.

(Posted on 1/8/2014)

good upper, rushed order Review by Justin

Bought this days after black friday , got it 4 days ago. Took it to the range an hour ago. Shot well however the MI rail came off. Probably due to rushing orders out. Will withhold judgement of palmetto until I put back the hanguard.

(Posted on 12/27/2013)

Better than described Review by Stephen

It is common knowledge among match shooters that a free-float rail is the key to accuracy. The barrel only contacts the weapon at the point of attachment to the receiver. This eliminates any effect that the fore end grip, sight posts, or accessories have on the barrel alignment. What is not obvious, in this photo is how light this Midwest Industries rail is. It changes the balance of the weapon to something akin to the MP5. The rail only weighs just over 9 ounces! The diameter of the rail is only 1.5”, about the diameter of a golf-ball. I could not believe how thin and light the AR felt, but the rail is solid and extremely tight to the receiver. I just threw some magpul sights on it and it was absolutely zeroed without any further action. Being alone at the range I blew about 30 rapid fire rounds through it and, although the barrel was blistering hot, the free-float rail was still ice cold. Midwest drilled so many ventilation holes in it and even drilled on both sides of the gas tube section. The rail has threaded holes for attachments and comes with three, 2” accessory rails, 7 screws (one short screw for accessories near the gas port) and a small tube of Loctite. The accessory rails are curved to match the radius of the main rail itself so the connection is solid. I have not needed the Loctite but it’s a nice touch. PSA aligned the barrel and rail so perfectly that the sights are dead zero out of the box and there is no slop between this upper and my PSA lower. As soon as the barreled assembly is back in stock, I’m ordering a second to replace my Carbine drop-in hand guard barrel. I hope it's before Christmas!

(Posted on 12/11/2013)

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