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Threads Review by Bernie

I run a quarter by 28 die over threads to clean and use blue 242 loctite does a nice job.

(Posted on 2/13/2014)

PSA A2 Rifle Stock Kit Review by IW

I ordered this stock kit for a CMP service rifle build. As others have complained about the locktite on the screw this is an appropriate measure taken to assure that the screw never comes loose unless you want it to. It does require using a proper screwdriver (large flathead) or you will damage the screw. I used one from a kit that goes with a 3/8 ratchet and had no problems.

The stock is quality and has the appropriate color/texture you will recognize from the mil-spec vendors. I prefer a very tight tube to stock fit and did have to wrap some electrical tape around the buffer tube where is joins the lower receiver to achieve a tight fit.

(Posted on 7/10/2013)

Good A2 stock kit Review by Corey

I must say that for the price this PSA stock is hard to beat. Only Colt, USGI or DPMS are in the same class. The fit is clean and the stock turns a nice black color after wiping it down with CLP. The buttplate is ground to fit flush to the edges of the stock body and has no rough seams or overhang. The stock looks and feels perfect. The only downside is that the trapdoor and tube spacer is polymer unlike a Colt, USGI or DPMS. On the bright side they are quality polymer and better than all other polymer parts I have seen in this particular application. I will also add that I thought the other reviews were being silly about the red loctite but it was a little too much. I used a proper size screwdriver with a square shank and I had to put a cresent wrench onto it to tighten it all the way. You definately aren't turning that screw simply by hand.

(Posted on 9/29/2012)

Great Stock. Great Price. But Go Easy On The LocTite! Review by David

Once the parts got shipped, they arrived in just two days. Very snug fit on all parts and a nice solid feeling stock.

However, the red LocTite (or whatever brand thread locking compound) on the screw made installation impossible until it was removed. The screw could not seat fully with the dried threadlock on it.

It required bath in some dichloromethane / methylene chloride (most paint/finish strippers contain this) to soften the LocTite, followed by a wire brush to remove the bulk (it also removed some of the black finish), and finally a pin to clear out the threads that the brush could not reach. This solved the problem and the stock is very secure now.

If you are looking for a basic stock kit and like the feeling of a nice fixed stock, you can't beat this deal. Y0u get a nice solid stock and will save a minimum of $20 off of other companies A2 stock kits.

PSA, I'd suggest leaving the thread lock off the screw and allowing the customer to add it if they wish. Not only will it make it easier for the customer to install, but threadlock is also more effective when applied during assembly so it can cure inside the hole.

(Posted on 8/23/2012)

Excellent product, great price Review by Matt

Fast shipping, very securely packaged.
Tight fit, metal buffer tube, and rock solid construction.
The only "negative" if it can even be called that was that the loctite (or whatever brand it is) on the threads of the bolt was a little too thick and made it almost impossible to get it all the way tight. The upside is that I know it's not going to come loose anytime soon!

I definitely recommend this product, and will be buying from these guys again!

Note from PSA: Thanks for the review. The locktite on the threads is generously applied. It is designed to make sure the stock is more or less a permanent install. The stock can be removed with the right tools (padded vice and the perfect size screwdriver), but it will be difficult. If you anticipate removing the stock at some future point, you can use a wire brush to remove some or all of the locktite before the initial install to make removing the stock easier.

(Posted on 7/6/2012)

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