PMC X-Tac 5.56mm NATO 62gr LAP Ammunition 20rds - 556k

PMC X-Tac 5.56mm NATO 62gr LAP Ammunition 20rds - 556k

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It's great ammo at a great price! Review by Josh

Bought a pretty large amount of this ammo while it was on sale! It's great ammo at a great price!

(Posted on 3/9/2016)

Outstanding 62 grain ammo Review by HogKilla

I think I bought 20 boxed of this when it was on sale in November. It's all gone now though, I used it to sight in my new PSA build rifle an Zeiss scope an to kill feral hogs. This ammo DRT's feral hogs up to 250 lbs. Also this isn't surplus that has been sitting in a bunker until the lot number expired the brass is very clean any the ammo runs clean. Now I'm waiting on PSA to get more in stock an a special so I can buy 100 boxes. Don't ya just love these folks at PSA they never try to put the screws to their customers sell good ammo at a fair price an you don't get that shocked look on your face when you checkout and see the shipping cost like other vendors not to be mentioned. But we all know who they are!!

(Posted on 1/1/2014)

Great Ammo! Review by Stephen

I agree with you all....PMC makes really good ammo and priced decent compared with the market.
In response to the fact that the casing doesn't have the NATO stamp on it.... South Korea is not part of NATO !
Remember what NATO stands for? And where is South Korea located?
Anyway....It's the real deal and I have bough tons of (55gr. & 62GR.) and shot tons through my Bushy and Whit Oak 24" & 26" SS barrels.
I do use a complete chrome bolt assembly which really helps in the cleaning. All in all....good stuff.

(Posted on 5/27/2013)

Gotta love this stuff................. Review by Lance

I have bought 3k rounds of this ammo since I first tested it. Shooting in a 20" DPMS AR and a 16" SIG 556 I get results from this amo that are as consistent as I can make them from 50--300 m. Great ammo, great penetration, clean, never a ftf or fte. Will keep stocking up whenever it is available. Thanks palmetto state! Great service and fast shipping--best packing I have gotten from any dealer.

(Posted on 11/11/2012)

Great Ammo Review by FARGO

This is probably some of the best steal core ammo you can buy, I have purchased it several times and find it shoots better than Lake City. I have a Bushmaster ACR and a PSA I built from here. Both guns shoot it well, it penetrates well and is very accurate for not being match grade ammo.

As always PSA is fantastic, best shipping prices on the planet.

(Posted on 11/7/2012)

5 Stars Review by S.F.

I first bought these a local pawn shop for 8.99/box ( which is expensive btw ) and they are great! No FTF or FTE So I decided to get'em here for a lil cheaper and thats WITH shipping! Ended up saving 20 bucks all in all. I can't emphasize how great these ammos are. Shot it thru my S&W MP15 Sport at a 6" inch plate @100 yards iron sight and it just dinged all day. HIGHLY RECOMMEND

(Posted on 9/12/2012)

Great ammo!!!!!!!!!! Review by richard

This is clean and shoots great.Holds a good group.And no FTF Works Flawless

(Posted on 9/2/2012)

Good stuff Review by Hans

Just recieved my order from Palmetto and I am very pleased. Not just with this ammunition but the rest of my order in general. My items arrived in pristine condition and in a very short ammount of time. All in all, this ammo rocks! As far is i can tell it is loaded exactely the same as Lake City ammo, minus the scuffs, dings, and black sludge. Beautifull. Cycles perfectly in my RRA Tac. Operator. The price just makes it better. The local gun shops in my area are asking upwards of 13$ a box for this stuff! I believe in the coming years X-Tac could easily become the new top .223 brand. Palmetto has made a customer for life. Will be placing more orders for sure.

(Posted on 7/22/2012)

Great ammo! Review by JP

Like all PMC ammo, this stuff is great. These rounds punched holes right through an approximately 0.4" thick piece of scrap metal. (OK, I was only about 20 yards away, and the metal was fairly rusted, but still.)

(Posted on 7/7/2012)

great ammo Review by Jason

I have purchased over 5k rounds of this from Palmetto and it is AWESOME ammo. I'm not sure what the above poster Chris is referring to because this is indeed true M855. I have pulled projectiles from the ammo and cut them in half. There is a definite steel cone in the round that is nearly identical to Lake City M855. I have used both LC surplus and the X-Tac and they are almost identical. With my 20" BCM A4 I was able to regularly shoot 1.5-3 MOA.

(Posted on 7/4/2012)

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