Remington Rem Action Cleaner 4oz. Can

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Remington Rem Action Cleaner 4oz. Can

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UPC: 047700199252

Easily cleans dirt, powder residue and caked-on lubricants from disassembled actions and fire-control mechanisms (Rem Action)

Dries quickly and leaves no residue (Rem Action)

Cleans trigger groups, gas ports, choke tube threading, receivers, chambers, barrels and magazine tubes (Shotgun)

Dissolves powder residue, fouled lubricants, burnt carbon deposits and gunk (Shotgun)

Blasts away gummy caked on grime from hard to reach areas such as ejectors, firing pin assemblies, trigger components and bolt recesses (Shotgun)

Available in: 10.5-oz. can with jet-spray extension tube (Rem Action)

Available in: 18-oz. aerosol can (Shotgun Cleaner)

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UPC:  047700199252 (19925)

SKU: 41870
SKU 41870
Brand Remington
SKU: 41870

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