PSA AR-15 "Stealth" Stripped Lower Receiver

PSA AR-15 "Stealth" Stripped Lower Receiver


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Top grade product Review by george

The Stealth Lower Receiver is a top shelf product. The finish is impeccable. Dimensionally it is flawless. This receiver mates up perfectly with several uppers that I have from various mil-spec manufacturers. I love the option P.S.A gives for a quality forged lower receiver with no roll marks. Perfect for SBRing. This is my second Stealth Lower and my 4th Lower from P.S.A. I like P.S.A alot as they have quality products at fair prices. If you guys got your shipping times cut in half I wouldnt shop anywhere else..

(Posted on 12/21/2014)

perfect lower for custom builds Review by Nos

I just finished my second build on the stealth lowers. I have been quite happy with the fit and finish and the quality of the lower. I'm one of the old timers who still prefers the old a2 and a3 trigger groups which require the lower shelf lower for proper fit and function. no machine work or clean up required to put this lower together. No question I this is a great product for the money and I have advised several customers to purchase any product psa offers without hesitation.

(Posted on 11/19/2014)

Update: Even Happier Review by Kenneth

Friend and I started working on our lowers, my PSA Stealth lower is MUCH Better Quality then my buddies from a Major Supplier in Tacoma Washington.

PSA: Mag Well flared all the way around, Tacoma WA: Not flared on front, forward side of mag well
Machining around interior, exterior and trigger guard area, excellent on both
Machining in "Arch" above Pistol grip where the web of your hand hits, PSA Smooth as can be, Tacoma WA: still forging line, annoying to the feel.

PSA was 16% cheaper than Tacoma WA receiver

Every PSA "Blemished" lower I've seen has been better machined than this "New, first Quality" Tacoma WA receiver. Don't get me wrong, the Tacoma company is a solid good company and so is PSA, BUT PSA's quality control is fare superior. I have "Blemished" PSA receivers that are better than other major companies first quality!

I'm a PSA fan now if you could only get a supply of CHF 16" CL barrels from FN for sale as parts :)

(Posted on 3/4/2014)

Excellent Definitely Buying Another One Review by Tex300BLK

I bought one of these and immediately regretted not getting 2 and then they were out of stock when I came back to get my second. Im building a matching pair of AR's for myself and my dad and the Stealth is the perfect blank canvas for any engraving you need to do for a truly custom build. The part I received had an even rich black finish with no defects, no forging marks, nothing. As far as in spec it has mounted up to uppers fro Spikes, Stag, Del-Ton and BCM and all have closed up with little play. Excellent attention to detail and quality. My only gripe is my Magpul MOE trigger guard had to be filed ever so slightly to fit right. I see they have a second run of these for sale and am definitely ordering another one for building my Dad's rifle if I can get the money together before they sell out again! PSA has been my go-to for several parts of this build and I have been nothing but impressed with the customer service and quality of the parts I have received. Outstanding, really cant say enough good things about this receiver and Palmetto State Armory.

(Posted on 2/21/2014)

Perfect Lower Review by Juggernaut

Lower is absolutely perfect and built to the quality I have come to expect from the countless other PSA products I have ordered over the years. Lower is made to print spec, great quality finish, and mated perfectly to my 11.5" upper I purchased it for.

To Jack who reviewed this as "Junk" based on there only being the one hole in the front of the trigger guard mount, maybe you should learn how to build an AR and how a lower is supposed to be made before bashing a perfectly good product. The fact that you're clearly not familiar with the AR platform and how a lower is supposed to be made, is NOT an acceptable reason to give a bad review. Your own ignorance is no fault of Palmetto.

(Posted on 2/10/2014)

Perfect! Wish I purchased more Review by Kenneth

Purchase 2 of these and the fit, finish is perfect, as is the machining. As to the other review where someone claims "missing indent" could it be that you're mistaken? Back of trigger guard both sides have hole for roll pin, front of trigger guard only the side with mag release is to have hole. Please don't flame me, at first glance I thought I had same problem and then pulled out trigger guard and realized I was wrong. PSA. Please keep offering excellent products!

(Posted on 2/7/2014)

stealth stripped lower. Junk!! Review by Jack

This is my first order from PSA and I must say I'm not very impressed the machining on the front part of the trigger gaurd is not complete the indent hole is not there for the pin. After waiting on hold for 25 minutes with customer service the lady told me someone will call me back tomorrow yeah that's all I have to do at work is wait by the phone.

(Posted on 2/5/2014)

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