PSA 14.7" CHF Mid-Length A2 Pinned & Welded Rifle Kit - 8921

PSA 14.7" CHF Mid-Length A2 Pinned & Welded Rifle Kit - 8921

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Great kit Review by Tom

I recently completed this kit using an A3 carry handle sight. All parts assembled well with the exception of the pistol grip. I mention this only as a heads up for those using Anderson lowers as the grip screw hole appears to be a bit short on these otherwise excellent lowers. A couple of washers and I was in buisiness. Performance of the build has been flawless and the accuracy first rate. My intention was to build a very basic, short , handy carbine And that it certainly is. Sometimes I think the inveterate tinkerers in our community get too caught up in the gear-gadget race and forget how accurate and easy good peep sights are,I know I did. While the accuracy is scope worthy I'm having a lot of fun rocking this very basic, effective cabine. Thanks Palmetto for a lot of high quality, affordable fun.

(Posted on 2/22/2016)

Nice setup Review by Nicholas

I put this on an anderson lower I built and it shoots great. Light recoil and it looks good too.

(Posted on 2/28/2015)

Looks Good Review by Security isa Myth

I ordered on the 10th of Jan and it arrived on the 27th, well within the time posted for delivery during the busy season. Had it not been for UPS picking it up late the day after the label was created, I believe it would have arrived a day sooner.
The upper looked great- the fit and finish were as advertised. The lower parts were all bagged in smaller zip lock bags.

The only issue I had was the bolt lock was a bit too snug in my (Anderson) lower- I am not sure where the issue was, but it was easily taken care of with a little 400 grit and then some 600. Everything else went together perfectly and seems to function as expected. I will be putting a few rounds down range this weekend and believe all will go smoothly.

Hope this helps

(Posted on 1/28/2015)

PSA 14.7 CHF Mid A2 Pinned Rifle Kit Review by Andrew

I received my order 17 days after I placed it. Rifle kit was just what I ordered with all parts. Rifle has been completed and shoots great. Palmetto State Armory is one of the best online stores that I have ordered from in a long time. With this kind of service I will buy from them again.

(Posted on 1/25/2015)

Excellent Rifle for the Money Review by Paul M.

I ordered the 14.7" rifle kit and for the price was expecting a lot less quality. The parts are all good quality and operate very nicely. I also own a Wilson Combat AR at 4x the price and have to say this shoots just as well. You notice a little more roughness in finishes on some parts but it is only cosmetic. All bearing surfaces are nicely finished and the rifle operates without issues with a variety of ammo as well as USGI and PMAG mags.

The barrel held very tight groups and I would attribute the variation I saw to myself (iron sights) rather than the rifle. Even the low quality 20 year old Norinco ammo was holding just about MOA groups.

Only con I have at this point is the need to do a very thorough cleaning of all parts before your first range session. They are coated in a protective coating that must be stripped off before lubing up and considering pulling the trigger. Pretty minor as you should always do a thorough inspection/cleaning on a new rifle anyway. I also upgraded the pistol grip to a Bravo Company Mod0 and the stock to a CTR because I like that setup a bit more than the USGI. The rear iron backup sight is a Troy.

Bottom line, I would definitely buy another rifle kit from PSA.

(Posted on 1/24/2015)

First AR15: very happy owner! Review by Ken

Ordered 4/25/14 and received on 5/7. I'd consider that quick! Shipped between two thick foam waffle sheets in one box, and another over that. Good protection for my money. Being my first AR, I researched kits or complete rifles for about a year before deciding to buy this one due to recommendations from other PSA owners, the barrel profile, length, twist and being an FN barrel in the PSA description. To my surprise, there are no markings on the barrel of any kind; even regarding twist, caliber, manufacturer or even seller. Welded pin? So what; I'll never be removing the birdcage. Kit was easy and fun to assemble, but sear/trigger mating surfaces needed polishing for a smooth trigger pull. Used a blem (Where? Don't know!) PSA pictogram lower, which had very little "slop" between U&L when assembled, but used an Accuwedge anyways. Fit, finish, and functioning all seem excellent to this "newbie", and find that accuracy with 300 rounds of factory white box Winchester 5.56 55g's leaves nothing to be desired, even with just a PSA handle/rr ghost ring sight. I'm using Palmetto/D&H 30 round magazines, and so far there were no feeding or ejection problems, and not expecting any! Accuracy fell off using Independence (these ejected erratically) and Federal LC193 55g but not unhappy with those. Overall, I'm very satisfied at this whole kit and other PSA parts I used. The finish, fit, functioning, accuracy and overall quality will keep me running to the range for many years to come!

(Posted on 7/9/2014)

Nice Kit, Great Price Review by Jason

I bought this kit and received it 12 business days after ordering, not bad at all since I was expecting to wait 15 business to ship, and then a few more in transit. The kit itself went together great on my Spike's lower. LPK was easy to install, and the upper is a nice tight fit to the lower. This was my first experience with PSA, and I have to say I will definitely order more in the future.

(Posted on 3/4/2014)

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