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    Posted by Kris Vermillion on April 30, 2021
    The discipline of shooting Steel Challenge requires focus, speed, accuracy and a natural drive to compete. This year, Palmetto State Armory Shooter Grant Kunkel smashed multiple World Records and took home the top spot at the 2021 World Speed Shooting Championship Presented by Palmetto State Armory at CMP Talladega. Here we break down Grant's Warp Speed ability and talk with him more about how he made his way to the top.
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  • The History of the NFA and Silencers
    The History of the NFA and Silencers
    Posted by Kris Vermillion on July 15, 2019

    Have you ever wondered why the government chooses to fine you $200 for the right to own a silencer?

    The guys at T.REX Arms have put together an amazing video on the history of the silencer and how it came to be so heavily regulated by the NFA.

    SPOILER ALERT: The Government is stupid.

    Watch it now right here.

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