Posted by Kris Vermillion on December 12, 2018

This is the KS47-G2, a rifle designed to accept MIL-SPEC AR15 furniture, use standard AK47 magazines and fire the 7.62x39 round.

The improvements we've implemented in the GEN 2 KS47 rifles not only make the rifle function more reliably and efficiently, they also improve the overall shooting experience during the course of fire.

First thing first: The KS47G2 will work with GEN1 uppers and lowers, and it carries our unlimited lifetime warranty. So if you have a GEN 1 upper or lower, and you've been wanting to finish your build, this will work.

If you're wondering what makes the Gen2 KS47 that much better, here's the specs.

1. the barrel is better

We created a single large feed ramp to allow the 7.62 to feed easier, and we improved the diameter of the barrel's gas port to increase cycling reliability.

2. mag stops

We now have magazine stops machined into the upper receiver to provide a more secure fit as you seat your magazine. Also - sometimes a shooter will want to use the magazine like a monopod, and the Magazine Stops will prevent any issues if the shooter chooses to do that.

3. bolt lugs

We made an adjustment to the geometry of the lugs found on the KS47 bolt to ensure a more efficient feed process and prevent unnecessary wear and tear on the magazine's feed lips.

We want to make sure you're aware that we found a limited number of aftermarket triggers that would NOT work in the lower. If a drop-in trigger group is housed in a single piece like the one you see here, the housing will interfere with the leg of the magazine release spring and will not fit properly in the lower. We DID NOT find any issue with two-piece drop-in triggers such as those you'd get from Geissele Automatics.

The second generation of the KS47 rifle is available now at

About Kris Vermillion

About Kris Vermillion

Kris Vermillion is a lifelong shooter who focuses his training on defensive shooting techniques and the shooter's mindset. Kris works for Palmetto State Armory, contributing to both Ecommerce and Marketing.

10 months ago at 5:58 PM
Will the KS-47 lower fit the JAKL upper? Plz say yes.
10 months ago at 11:42 PM
I hate to burst your bubble, but unfortunately not!