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Caldwell Handgun Resetting Target 103654
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Caldwell Handgun Resetting Target 103654

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Brand Caldwell

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  • Size: 3.5"
  • Type: Resetting
  • Series: Resetting Target
  • Includes: Stand
  • Material: Heavy Duty Steel
  • Ammo Type: All Pistol
  • Illustration: Circle
  • Auto Resetting: Yes
  • Impact Enhancement: Yes


Caldwell Handgun Resetting Targets are easily portable and create an interactive experience that make plinking and target practice fun. Made of heavy-duty steel, these targets are built to last.


  • Sturdy steel swinging targets
  • Targets swing up and out of the way when hit
  • Shoot the top target to reset the others
  • Each target is 3 1/2" diameter
  • Never use BB's, non-lead pellets, or full metal jacket bullets on metal targets because they can ricochet and cause injury or death
  • Designed for up to 45 ACP, 44 Special - not intended for magnum velocities


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