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Customer Service:

Hours: Monday through Friday, 9am - 6pm EST
Call: 803-724-6950
Email: Help Center
On occasion, we experience higher than normal call volumes.
We do our best to accommodate our customers as quickly as we can. Misdirected calls do not speed up the process.


FFL Inquiries/Transfers:

Hours: Monday through Friday, 9am - 6pm EST
Call: 803-724-6950
Fax: 803-788-7979
Email: Help Center
Firearm order volume is at never before seen levels. We are working as fast as we can to process your orders.
Help us to get your order on its way by providing FFL information with a current FFL license.
You can expect that PSA rifles and complete lowers can take up to 15 business days to ship.
All other firearms can be done within 5-7 business days if the FFL license is provided.


Firearms Training Division/CWP Classes/Events:

Call: Firearms Training Division/CWP Classes/Events
Web site for information and scheduling:


Become a Palmetto State Armory Dealer:


For information about local classes:

PSA Defense


Frequently Asked Questions

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Shipping Times

When will my order ship out?


Upper Receivers

Why haven't I received the Upper Receiver from my order?

Can I get the Rail (Barrel, Flash Suppressor, Etc.) on my Upper Receiver switched out for a different one?


.308 Lower/Upper Receivers

What parts can I use to build my .308 Lower/Upper receiver?


Partial Shipments

I ordered a Lower Build Kit, and an Upper Receiver, but only received my Lower Build Kit. Where is my Upper Receiver?

I only received my Lower Receiver. The Lower Build Kit from my order was never sent to me. Where is my Lower Build Kit?


Editing/Adding/Combining an Order

Can I swap an item from my order to a different item?

Can I add something to my order?

Can I combine my orders together?


Compliance Department – Handles all firearm orders

**Please inspect all firearms before completing the transfer process from your FFL dealer.

I forgot to give you my FFL information.

How can I find out if you already have my FFL dealer on file?

How can I find out what FFL dealers you already have on file in my area?

How do I know if a firearm/magazine capacity is compliant in my state?

California / Maryland / Massachusetts approved handgun rosters.

Can you ship a pistol lower receiver to California?

Can an FFL dealer hold a package at the UPS hub?


FFL Locator Issues

PLEASE NOTE: The FFL dealers listed on our FFL locator comprise a separate website database provided for customer convenience only, but it does not necessarily reflect what FFL dealers are currently on file at PSA.

I cannot locate my FFL dealer on the website FFL locator?

How can I have my FFL dealer added to the website FFL locator?


In Store Pickup (firearms)

How do I make my order an In Store Pick up?

What is the return policy for PSA Retail stores?


Firearm Returns

What do I do with a firearm that is not functioning correctly?

What if my order was not delivered to my FFL dealer and returned to Palmetto State Armory?


FOID/FID Information

Where do I send my Illinois FOID/New Jersey FID/ Connecticut Pistol Permit Card Information?


Issues with Placing an Order

Why will the website not let me complete the ordering process?


Password Reset

Why can't I reset my password?


Out of Stock Items

Do you know when this item will become available again?

Do you have a system that will notify me when this item comes back in stock?

Can I order an out of stock item, and you send it once it comes in? (Back Ordering)


Gift Cards

Why is my gift card not working?