Coastal NC

Oak Island here. Any other beach bums on here? I recently read that PSA is opening a store in Myrtle Beach.

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I spend an occasional week in Salvo. As for MB, yes, opening in 2022. Construction and refit is happening now

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We are very excited about the Myrtle Beach store!! It will have a museum and much more!

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Yes. Sometime early 2022. Old Sun News building on Frontage Rd. 10th Ave to 501.

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We have a place in Sunset Harbor live in Cedar Point

Live in Supply NC, just outside of Holden Beach.


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I hope the opening of the new PSA store in Myrtle Beach is still on track.

@greydog54 it is, scheduled for 2022! Lots of construction happening!

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Is there an opening date scheduled yet?


910 y’all represent!

Any opening date projected yet? Can you tell that I’m eagerly anticipating it? :joy: