Dagger Holster thread

So far the only official makers of dagger holsters are Triad (2 holsters, with options for threaded barrel and RMR):


And Nerd (compatible with rmr):


If you know of other holsters that work, post them up. No one makes one compatible with rmr, threaded barrel and light to my knowledge.

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Skullhead Arms



In the area of negative results, I contacted both Bravo Concealment and Raven Concealment about offering a product for the Dagger, and they both responded “not in our plans.” I reached out to Vedders as well, but haven’t heard back.

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I ordered one of the IWB from Skullhead today. Hopefully I will have it towards the end of the week.

Slim Fit Holsters

3-4 week lead time? Ouch.

Got in my holster today. Not bad for $60. Pretty comfortable also. Only complaint is where the holster meets my RDS. I will probably trim the holster to ride below it. Came with 2 different claw sizes also, which is nice.


Kester Farms Tack


UM Tactical

UM IWB/OWB Qualifier Holster
UM IWB Holster

Wow, that was fast. I think I’m ordering my light and holster today. I found the FDE TLR-7a that I think will go nicely with the FDE slide.

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I have become a proponent of relentless tactical holsters. They are heavy leather, not too expensive and will form themselves to several pistol models. I have used the same holster for my Dagger that I use for my P229 Sig.


After some holster time how do you like it? Also looking to at the red dot but am hoping they come out with the MOS slide soon :crossed_fingers:

I like it…I have to say for my body style I still prefer 4-5:00 iwb carry. It’s easier for me to hide over aiwb.

I used to carry 4-5 o’clock iwb. Until I saw that video from the church shooting in Texas. The first guy that got killed was trying to pull a pistol from behind his back and couldn’t get it out in time. After that it was strictly iwb at 3 o’clock. With the recent carry change in SC it is now owb at 3 o’clock.


I used to do 3, 4-5 is more comfortable. As far as the draw, you have to practice.


I just recieved my dagger yesterday. I was going to order an owb holster for concealed carry. I use outlaw/r and r for my m&p edc. I am torn between the p80 and the Glock 19 3rd gen pattern. Any suggestions on which to pick? Does one fit better than the other? I am leaning towards the p80 because the trigger guard looks closer to the dagger.

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TLR7A Holster for Polymer80, OEM Glock, and PSA Dagger Pistols

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I recently picked up a Best Ankle Holster for Ruger LCP. Gun owners often look for ways to carry their guns safely and efficiently. For me, carrying a gun is more than just having it on my hip or in my pocket. I have to make sure that I can access the gun quickly. If ever faced with an emergency . But also don’t put yourself at risk of accidentally firing a gun when you don’t need to.