Dagger Mag release opinions wanted

I have the Sniper Green RMR extended barrel version. Love it! Only shot 100 rounds through it and I’ve had no issues with glock, magpul, or aftermarket 33rd mags. With that said… I do not like the mag release button. I keep reading about people having issues with dropping mags, so I’m a bit apprehensive with switching it out. To the point… Anyone switch out their mag release with no issues, and what brand. Thanks!

I went with an NDZ extended and no issues so far, granted it was only 100 rds.


You shouldn’t have any issues swapping the magazine release. The magazine drop issue you referenced was not related to the release itself.

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Thanks! I thought I read that, but ADHD has me second guessing knowledge from the internet.

NDZ extended for the gen 1-3 correct? I want to do the same swap any issues yet?

Yup, that’s what I got, no issues, working great

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