DAGGER slide with Holosun EPS

Don’t see many of these Holosun EPS’s around yet, especially on Daggers. This slide was previously milled for the 507K and had a top window & barrel porting by Nameless Armament LLC. The cut depth is 0.170in, making it an ideal candidate for this enclosed emitter with an already low deck height. Stock height iron sights completely clear the deck. These enclosed emitters are pretty awesome. It’s crazy how much Holosun was able to pack into such a small footprint. The EPS Carry will be a great option for the upcoming Micro Dagger :wink:


I wish trijicon or aimpoint would show as much innovation as holosun. Made in china aside, at least holosun is coming out with new stuff.


Damn, that is sexy. Did you take a regular slide and have it milled deep like that, or did they start with a RMR/Docter slide and mill it deeper?

It was a standard (non optic cut) slide.


Is that the EPS carry or the EPS on that pistol?

EPS. Custom milled by Nameless Armament LLC

I need that in my life. Hell id take any rmr at this point :frowning: mine lookin bare