How do you write an essay?

Hello forum members. It turns out that in order to write a good essay you need to know a lot of rules. And not only the spelling, but also the construction of sentences. Do you know how to write it?

An essay? Sure. I had to write a Thesis…think it ended up around 130 pages. 5 chapters, 3 appendixes, bibliography…oh, and all single spaced.:wink:

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Do your own work and do not plagiarize. The Police will come get you, arrest you and sentence you under the jail. Your opinions are your own and do not care what others think. Have fun.


Unless you’re Bo Bo Biden

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I stopped writing essays in 10th grade. Best thing I’ve ever done.

I said i was done also…then a masters and then a doctorate.


OR you might become a “pResident” someday….


I write and help write weld procedures to AWS D1.1. AWS D1.2, and ASME Section IX.

I haven’t written an actual term paper/essay since College.

I have however written several excellent resignation letters, Union time claims, grievances and Union/Company correspondence, as well as complaints with the BBB.

Good luck with your essay.




The first step is to decide on a topic and what message you would like to convey. The second step is to consider the audience or targeted group of readers. With these considerations in mind, develop an outline to layout the structure of the essay. The thesis statement is one of the more critical components of an essay and is used to provide clarity on the central message. After those points are established, it’s just research, pen to paper and editing.

In my day (College) unless you were using a typewriter you had to write by hand. Computer? What the hell is that?
After years of writing workscopes by hand, I can’t write in cursive anymore. I went straight from hand writing in print to using a computer keyboard and lost my cursive writing skills. My signature is the only thing that I write in cursive anymore.

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Of course, for grammatical and good composition you need to know a number of rules both in spelling and in sentence construction. I personally am not a master in this matter, so I turned to the essay helper that the work was of high quality. I see nothing wrong with asking for help, especially if you are not strong in this case.

Very Odd scent coming from a couple of posts in this thread……

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It’s probably too late to help, but I’ll chime in. There are 3 steps:

  1. Tell 'em what you’re gonna tell 'em. (One paragraph introduction.)
  2. Tell 'em. (Body of the essay. Three paragraphs in the classic essay format, but this is flexible.)
  3. Tell 'em what you told 'em. (One paragraph summary of the key points.)
    My favorite references are the Holt “Little Brown Handbook” (formerly Blue) for grammar and construction rules and “The Elements of Style” by Strunk and White for stylistic advice.

100%. Introduction of what you’re paper is about. A few paragraphs about your topics, then a really detailed conclusion about what you already wrote about.