My thought's on the dagger

Hello guys . Back in June I purchased a dagger with the threaded barrel and rmr cut slide with the intent to use it in 2 gun matches . My colt custom shop 1911 has served well but the 10 round magazines were a Debbie downer and my Beretta 92f works but I hated the transition from double action to single action . I have never owned a Glock type pistol . so once i got my holosun rmr installed , sighted in and ran a cou0le of hundred rounds through the pistol it was off to a 2 gun match . I got a holster from hilliker holsters and it fit perfect . I finished out the last 5 matches of the year using the dagger and all I can say is wow . I definatly improved my score’s the match director comment on how much better my time was and more A-zone hit’s . I had one malfunction and that was due to a bad mag other than that no issue’s . I have been very impressed with this pistol and can say It was worth every penny spent . If you are on the fence Just do it and buy one . I am going to purchase a full size frame and another upper . I should also say I have carried this pistol all through archery season since we have ugly things in the woods . the photo is my dagger ridding in its battle belt .


I absolutely love mine the most out of all my pistols. I used it for my carry license qualification day and out of all the more costly pistols , it did the best. Im no calamity James, but this thing is an easy plate ringer at 50 yards shots at my pistol clubs range.

I concur, the Dagger is my 100% favorite pistols I own. Especially the full size, I have huge hands, and that grip was made for me.

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If you actually shoot it and I don’t mean indoor range work. You’ll notice why it’s a range gun only. Trigger pin walk is just 1 of many issues. You pay for what you get.

The pin walk issue was already addressed, the mag drop issue is already addressed, etc. Name me one issue with the current production guns that I can expect?

I am a bit over 2,000 rounds through mine, zero issue so far. And yes, I shoot mine outside, LOL.


My clubs range is outdoors and it was in the 30’s the other day there. I heard of the trigger pin issue. I’ve got zero issues with pins or mag retention or release. Hell……I’m thinking about ordering a dagger frame and putting on a 22lr slide ………we do lots of rimfire shooting too


Get Sum Baby :love_you_gesture:
I bought the $179+ tax- SW4 GatorMouth cut, RMR milled, threaded barrel w/ Suppressor sights & slapped it on my G19X lower.
It fits tighter with zero slop or play than my stock Upper. The color is slightly lighter than the pics PSA shows but who cares.
Put the HE (Elite) 407c x2 green 2moa on her & she runs like a dream. Already had a Master Trigger Kit installed, just swapped the springs over to the upper & now I’m waiting on my Overwatch Precision TAC Trigger to arrive. Keep shooting the heck out of her. Drives nails at 25y easily :love_you_gesture:


Yeah I actually shoot it The last match was done in a thunderstorm , mud , heavy rain and slick rocks on the side of a hill . I will get back to you when the gun goes belly up at an indoor range .

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