New Hampshire

The 'shire is a free state surrounded by communist states!


I love New Hampshire. My parents live near Portsmouth, which is a hive of scum and villany, but the rest of the state is good.

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Also, Welcome!

Would like a New Hampshire page.

Welcome, Jason!

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I’ll be visiting family in New Hampshire later this summer, and it appears I don’t need a Concealed Permit to carry – can anyone confirm that? TIA [sorry to dredge this out of the archives!]

use this map to determine what is legal.

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Looks like, as long as you’re 18+ with no record, you can conceal carry. Pretty reasonable!

Like that recipricosity map.

Been to Pease AFB twice, back in 84 and around 88, we went to Newick’s and got the 3 lobsters special for 17.95. We bought some live ones to bring home for $3 each and they packed them in seaweed and dry ice. Awesome. We flew B-52s from there to the Mediterranean and Africa and back non stop 27.7 hour missions.

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