Official PSA Dagger Picture Thread

Post pictures of your PSA Dagger here!


They do exist


My PSA collection with its newest member


Almost got one today! It was in my cart and i went to checkout and bam…GONE!! ONEDAY!

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I want one of these so bad! Apparently you have to move at the speed of light if they ever get in stock. :rage:

First post, 5th dagger to come thru the Mt. Pleasant store just picked up today. You must hit the “Buy Now” button and have your FFL all set up before hand. Feel great in hand with the palm swell and just an awesome deal for $299. They do show up on the website at exactly 4 o’clock in the afternoon and are there for about one minute before being sold out again.


I gotta get one, I first saw them at Shot Show 2020 and could never get on fast enough to order one.

With very minor dremeling, made it fit a recover 20/20 pistol brace.


yeah they are hard to get right now but they are getting produced and put out for sale as soon as possible im sure. keep trying!! Also welcome to the forums!!!

Welcome to the forum BrAiNsTrAiN. you’re right about the buy it now button, but be careful dont rambo click that button, you may get a double tap on the order if you do. lol…

Welcome to the forum @Klfuller2

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thats interesting looking. what did you have to dremel? im not familliar with that brace either so i am curious to see what the pistol looks like now without the brace on it at all.

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The spot that cups the tail had to be dremeled a bit. Glock tail is short and stubby dagger comes to a sharp point.

I like mine just fine. A few basic upgrades and some cerakote really makes it one of my favorite pistols.


Welcome @thegunbaker !! I do like how you ceracoated yours. its quite neat. Makes me want to have multiple daggers and let you have fun doing this to mine as well.

Save some for the rest of us! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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My Dagger with it’s cousins :slight_smile:


Retired the old 45 compact for EDC enlieu of the dagger… So far, I don’t “hate” the green, but we must take what we can get :man_shrugging:


So nice I bought it twice!



I am interested in doing something similar. Did you hand paint the pattern with cerakote, or did you film dip? If you film dipped was there any other steps involved? Like a clear coat?

It is cerakote. I cut my own stencils to create it.

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