Century Arms Fury II Semi Automatic Shotgun 12ga SG1875N

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Century Arms Fury II Semi Automatic Shotgun 12ga SG1875N


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SKU: 38659
UPC: 787450223226
MFR#: SG1875N

Part Number: SG1875

12 Gauge
3" Chamber
Two, 5 round magazines
Semi Automatic
20" Barrel

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   Century Arms Catamount Fury II. Rugged reliabilty in a magazine fed semi-automatic 12 gauge shotgun. Comes with black synthetic stock and two, five round box magazines.

SKU: 38659
SKU 38659
Brand Century Arms
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SKU: 38659

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Great shotgun
This shotgun doesn't seem to be as fussy about what you feed it like other semi auto shotguns I've fired the only reason I didn't give it more stars is because of the cast bolt carrier gas block and rear trunnions . The front trunnions is rpk styled it and the bolt carrier appears forged I've put thousand of rounds of multiple brands weights and shells with very little to no hiccups wish I'd bought two
July 16, 2017
Big Bang for your Bucks
I have always preferred a pump shotgun as a go to home defense weapon. I decided to researched SA shotguns so I could through more shot at my intended target at a faster rate. The Fury II just outweighed the rest if you combined the price quality frequency of use etc... They came up on sale half the price of the Saiga and I could not pass it up. Price was spectacular quality is better than expected ease of disassembly is perfect the adjustable gas tube makes for ammunition variety and it came with three choke tubes. Shoots like a dream and my wife loves it as well. I cut my hand the first time I was disassembling it due to the stamped parts not having their edges finished at the factory. All in the name of cost cutting. They even warn you in the literature about the possibility of this happening. I completely disassembled and hand filed all the sharp edges and took it to WMD Guns that I am lucky enough to have near my home and had it coated. It is amazing now. Smoother action cooler operating looks like a much more expensive weapon now and it is less likely to rust if neglected a bit due to the new coating. I can say if you are looking for this type of weapon and do not want to mortgage the farm to do it. The Fury II is the way to go. I purchased extra magazines and a battle belt dedicated to shotgun use. I am very happy with my purchase the service I received and the decision I made to clean up the sharp edges and coat it. A+ for the investment.
May 15, 2016
fun to shoot
you get what you pay for the overall quality is fair the magazines are a real pain to seat I think if they were metal they might fit better . there are a lot of rough edges and fit is shabby but for the money its worth it .I call mine the master blaster ! its a lot of fun to shoot .
December 8, 2015
Bang for your buck
Like others have commented...a big pain to get the factory goop off of it but got it cleaned with some gun scrub and lubed back up with Lucas oil gun lube. During tear down i noticed alot of areas needing deburring and smoothed out. After reassembling I cycled it many times while sitting in the rocker just to do a little breaking in on the action. I took it out a few days later to fire it. I was expecting the worst after owning a Saiga 12. This Fury 2 shocked me...i loaded up the cheap low brass stuff and fired away! Not one issue for cycling at all. The only negative thing I have to say is the magazines fit very tight and have to be muscled in. May need to smooth a few edges or something but not a deal breaker. I recommend this little beast for sure!
October 14, 2015
Fun but room for improvement
Purchased a few months ago and lots of shells since this isn't a "gun just came in haven't shot it yet but it's awesome!" Review.

Day one gun shipped fast package arrives undamaged. Gun covered in grease pain to clean but definitely prevents any corrosion. Off the bat the front gas block (also front sight) is canted to the right kind of a bummer but it's a shotgun so who cares about the sights? Second thing is the butt plate was not attached and no way to attach it(now zip tied) century did offer to resolve the issue but I honestly don't care that much about fixing it. That's why I wasn't super impressed with quality. Internal parts seem to be strong (everything is cast or stamped) not much is milled on the gun so parts are heavy and large as to be expected with a large AK platform. Finish was poor on most interior parts but receiver finish has been holding up great.

First shots....
First shots were 1 ounce birdshot. (Winchester super speed) on 2 setting (low brass) 2 boxes no failures other than it did not lock back a few times (with it being an ak I don't consider it a problem). Second box was cheap oo buckshot (estate) two failures to eject out of 25 on 1 setting (high brass) to combat this when using high brass I leave the setting on 2 and deal with the extra kick. With the higher velocity rounds or slugs 2 setting seems fine.

Around 12 later....
After breaking in and cleaning FTE are hardly an issue. But FTF happens once or twice a box typically shell gets sliced and stopped on the feed ramp. A couple times it slammed the shell and bent it so it would not feed(caused by lose mag well)

Pin holding the mag release tends to wiggle out while shooting causing failure to feed or mag flying off the gun. Is the other problem I've ran into

All in all I'm glad I bought the gun it's a blast to shoot it's an attention grabber friends and girlfriend love to shoot with it... And it's an AK 12 gauge for 400 bucks! (350 when its on sale) but to me it's only a range gun or a beat up behind the seat of the truck gun for around the farm. I love having 3 mags and 3 chokes with different loads to leave in the truck. I kill everything from bees to coons and coyotes on the farm so this is handy for me...I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND AS A DEFENSIVE GUN. There are just two many malfunctions for me to trust it in that aspect. If it's not 99% reliable it's not a defensive gun to me I have mossbergs and 870s for that.
October 7, 2015
Loads of fun
If you remember to change the gas setting to match the ammo you have loaded the gun works flawlessly. If you don't it will FTE every time. Somebody else posted a poor review and that person obviously didn't read the instructions. The gun fires as fast as you can pull the trigger. It doesn't even recoil badly. You could clear out a whole room full of undesirables with this thing in 0.5 light speed (obligatory Star Wars reference).
October 5, 2015
Wasted 349$
Beautiful shotgun. Not as refined as Saiga 12 or a Vepr which I own but bought to be a weekly shooter.

Does not feed without jamming. Ejects most of the time. Great as a single shot piece.

I font know if the feed ramps are at fault but this happens all the time from the very first time I shot it.

September 5, 2015
August 31, 2015
Total Blast for 1/2 the price so buy 2!!
The price of a mag fed shotguns are crazy But for $369.99!!! How can you lose? Ordered two on Saturday Paid on Monday had them in hand on Wednesday!!! Pulled one from the styrofoam packaging loaded the mags and fired 30 rounds NO FTFFTE or stovepipes with Rio 00 buck. Disasembly was a little tough as the recoil spring guide block molded itself to the rear trunnion making it thicker than the slots it slides through. There was a massive amount of cosmoline inside. Inspection revealed some areas of concern that will be addressed mostly polishing and deburring. The biggest problem is the small 5 round mags!! 10 round mags on order!!! All in all a great deal!! Thanks PSA.
August 24, 2015
never clear a 5 round mag.
I brought this weapon because of the great price. I have looked around to find this weapon still sales from mid 500.00 to 700.00. I purchase some Winchester rounds 1200 velocity 2 3/4 inches 1 1/8 oz 7 1/2 shot from Walmart and after every shot it fail to fire again. Some times I got off 2 shots. Yes I adjusted the gas tube and I also clean the weapon before firing.
I also tried different buckshot ammo and adjust the gas tube to have the same result. After examining the weapon I notice that it had a problem with the charging bolt returning all the way back to firing position. I lubed it more but have not been to the range since then. I did notice that charging the handle and letting it slam forward that it does not stick with every release now but it still does at time.
August 19, 2015

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