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Hiperfire HIPERTOUCH Genesis Trigger
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Hiperfire HIPERTOUCH Genesis AR15 Trigger Assembly - HPTG

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  • Model: Hiperfire Hipertouch Genesis
  • Platform: AR-15, AR-10
  • Pull Weight: 2.5-3.5lbs
  • Style: Curved Trigger with Backbone


The HIPERTOUCH Genesis is Hiperfire's response to those shooter’s looking for a single-stage and very much improved, match quality, “AR” trigger upgrade that delivers high performance. It functions just like the “AR” fire-control we’ve all dreamed of. It nests in unmodified standard AR-15 and AR-10 type lower receivers in the same way as stock “AR” triggers and hammers without having to remove the safety selector. It features exceptionally low trigger weights with smooth pre-travel, a very clean hammer release with no break, match action response, and faster hammer lock-up. The real culprit behind high trigger pull weight is high sear impingement force that produces high friction. Only now with HIPERTOUCH trigger and hammer actions does "AR" trigger "squeeze" have real meaning.


• Very smooth, No-flinch break

• Cam-Over Toggle Engine

• You-Adjust Pull Weights (2.5-3.5lbs)

• Semi-Auto Single-Stage

• Curved Trigger with a Backbone



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