The Slide

Built for performance and durability.

The Palmetto Dagger features a stainless-steel slide that has been black nitrided to achieve a smooth and durable slide that will stand up to any shooter's standards—designed to prevent excessive wear while increasing the effectiveness of lubricant and prolonging the life of the firearm. Whether you are on your first or 20,000th round, the slide will feel and operate the same.

The Trigger

Power under control.

The Flat Faced Trigger provides a 5.5lb trigger pull with a smooth, crisp break and a short reset to provide the shooter with ultimate control over the first shot and all follow-up shots. Compatible with many aftermarket fire control groups already available on the market today.

The Barrel

Performance under any condition.

The Palmetto Dagger has a SAAMI Spec 1:10 twist rate Stainless Steel barrel that has been DLC coated. The result is a barrel built to withstand the harshest conditions while never sacrificing its' ability to perform at the highest level. Coming soon are threaded barrel and CHF barrel options.

The Grip

Optimized for comfort.

A truly ergonomically optimal design, the Palmetto Dagger has an aggressive grip texture that is not rough on the skin but feels great. The advanced palm swell grip includes finger grooves with intuitive grip texturing, which results in the shooter having the ability to obtain quick hand positioning for faster target acquisition.