What is The Gathering?

Palmetto State Armory is joining with the biggest names in the industry for The Gathering At The Sawmill.

nP Technology

We talk with Robert from nP Technology - just before he dumps mags on steel that's just about two feet away.


Morisette makes custom packaging for a wide variety of industries with a special focus on firearms.


"Over 3 years ago, MDI set out with a vision – To create the most effective and most durable modular 9mm Suppressor on the market.


We take a look at new product offerings and tips and tricks on how to be a faster shooter with Glock's unique pistol sight system.

North American Rescue

North American Rescue hosted multiple Stop The Bleed classes during The Gathering at The Sawmill.

Springfield Armory

Springfield Armory has a new bolt action rifle - The Waypoint - and a new Hellcat handgun option.

Otte Gear

It all started with the lofty goal of making the best clothing for the guys with the world’s most demanding job: American combat troops.


Kris talks with Ben Peterson of Hiperfire about their new AK Trigger and how it's making the AK trigger something to look forward to working with.

PSA Jakl

Kris talks with Senior Design Engineer Dale Morgan about the JAKL from Palmetto State Armory.


We talk about the latest offering in their line of handguns, what's coming next for Taurus and the current state of the gun industry.

Sig Sauer

The gun community seems to be trending toward precision rifle shooting, and the Cross hopes to be the next big trend within that trend.


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