PSA Custom Dagger Laser

I just couldn’t wait for this to show up. Looks like a cool gadget for the Dagger that the family can have fun with.

The only problem is I bought the $99 Green laser and they sent the $69 Red laser :rage:


Totally bummed out because I was planning on using it right away at our little spot we found to go shooting.

I so want to open it and check it out but I cant. It looks fun. Doesn’t appear to be Mil-Spec grade or anything like that. Just a toy for the Dagger. I wish I could just keep it and order another green one. But the price difference kills that idea. Not sure if I would use it for home defense. :thinking:

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Well when you get around to using one of them let us know what you think. I was going to get the wife one for her dagger if they work okay.


if its like the laser on my tlr6 its ok up to like 25feet but nothing like the carbine ones, but the tlr6 also comes with a light for the same price

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Same here - i plan on getting a similar laser for my wife’s Shield. However, if she ends up laying claim to my Dagger, ill get one of these for her.


I had one on my Ruger. Took it off the day after I got it. Main problem being that I couldn’t find a holster that I wanted to use. After I got my Dagger and use it as my EDC, I put the lazer back on the Ruger and put it in the bedside drawer but I think I would rather have a light than a lazer.

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Yea, but if you were gonna have both, would ya rather have a laser mounted to your pistol and a flashlight in your hand OR a flashlight mounted to your pistol and a laser in your hand? :grin:

A flashlight on my pistol and a laser mounted to my shark.

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Ill tempered sea bass… with Daggers that have lasers! :grin:

As a bedside pistol it works with a laser. We don’t turn lights off around here. I actually only put the laser back on because it was there.

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Any more feedback on how this laser performs?

Sorry but no. I sent it back for an exchange to get the Green one I ordered. They wouldnt send me a Green one and refunded my money instead. So since they didnt want my money and didnt want to send me the one I ordered I simply gave up and called it a day.

If you’re interested you can get that red one for pretty much free. Right now they have a deal for a Dagger lower and the Red laser is included for $99 total which is what the lower costs. So pretty much purchase the lower and get a free laser.

Thanks, yes of course I saw the email. :laughing:

…just wanting to hear hands on experience.