PSA Dagger Subcompact ETA?

Good afternoon everyone,
I was wondering if anyone saw the debut of the PSA Dagger subcompact at Shot Show?
Any word on when that may come out for purchase?
Does anyone know if it is going to be G26 compatible the same way the Dagger is G19 compatible?

Thanks in advance for any insight!


I believe it’s going to be G43 sized, not G26 sized.

I haven’t seen a date announced yet.

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Gotcha! Thanks! If you happen to see/hear about the release date, please share!

The Micro Dagger is going to be G43X sized, not G26 or G43 sized.

PSA is developing a 15-round polymer magazine for the Micro Dagger that will also be compatible with an OEM Glock G43X and G48. The Micro Dagger slide stop lever will be ambidextrous. At a minimum, the Micro Dagger will be offered with a Holosun HS407/507K X2 and Trijicon RMRcc footprint … this is a major improvement over an OEM Glock “slim compact MOS”. PSA is working to make the Micro Dagger design compatible with G43X holsters.

The only approximate timeframe I’m aware of came from PSA CEO Chad Wylie in a YouTube video from SHOT Show 2022. Chad said the Micro Dagger was six to nine months out making the approximate timeframe July to October.

We’re all counting the days.


Awesome! Thanks for the info. I did see the interview from Shot Show, which piqued my interest.

I am curious if the Dagger slide will fit the micro frame with an adapter, similar to how a G19 will fit the G26 frame. That would be interesting if it does!

No. The Micro Dagger frame is slim.


Lord have Mercy, I cannot wait for 15 round PSA made mags that will fit OEM Glock :100:


Where did you hear that the slide stop lever will be ambidextrous? And why would the magazine be in polymer? The entire reason the Shield Arms G43X/G48 magazine is able to achieve 15 round capacities is because it’s a full steel mag, making it much, MUCH thinner internally than a normal Glock polymer mag.

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Q . Is the Micro Dagger compatible with OEM Glock parts?
A . Stephen Williams, PSA Pistol Operations Manager said, “to answer these questions as best as I can without giving too much away, we are working to make sure that we have cross compatibility with as many parts as possible. We had to work around a few patents, but we are making sure that most items will be drop in capable.”

Q . Will the Micro Dagger slide stop level be ambidextrous?
A . Stephen Williams, PSA Pistol Operations Manager said, “micro is bilateral”. In other words, “Yes”.

Q . What material is the Micro Dagger magazine made from?
A . PSA founder Jamin McCallum said, “It is a patented design and very different it is polymer and stamped”.

Q . Will an OEM Glock G43X need a new magazine release in order to use a Micro Dagger magazine?
A . PSA founder Jamin McCallum said, “It will not needs new mag release, the portion that engages the mag release is polymer”.

Q . Does the Micro Dagger magazine resolve the problem with a Shield Arms S15 magazine in an OEM Glock G43X in which the thinner magazine wall places the “case head farther back then (sic) the thicker polymer” resulting in a jam in using the slide release?
A . PSA founder Jamin McCallum said, “Yes, the mag is a totally different design that I had never seen before. Some of our guys really outdid themselves. You will like it. At first I asked them “why would you do that”, then they explained the above what you mentioned. We are only able to do this because of some really brilliant team members.”

In the SHOT Show 2022 timeframe, PSA founder Jamin McCallum had said the Micro Dagger magazine would ship this month (April).


While it’s interesting you have somewhere you pasted this from, it doesn’t actually answer the question I asked: WHERE did you hear this?
I still have not seen a single interview or Q&A that mentioned a ambi slide stop, and the printed prototype they showed off didn’t even have accommodation for such a thing. Never mind it’s apparently going to be able to use 43X slides, which also don’t have accommodations for an ambi slide stop.

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I am watching for those 15 round Micro Dagger magazines. The word was last half of April for the magazines only. Anyone know of a search term on the store or a category I can keep an eye on so I don’t miss their appearance?

He’s still here… Trust me. Maybe only able to view without commenting, or created another account.

I hope it isn’t just a psa version of the G43… I, and many others, have no interest in such a low round count. Esspecially when you can get a S&W shield plus for around $350 which comes with a ten round mag and a 13 round mag.

I am hoping for a shield plus sized pistol, with similar dimensions and capacity…looking forward to them

Any recent ETA updates on the Micro availability?

Not yet

Any new information on this? I read somewhere there were supply/manufacturing issues at one point, so I’m hoping that is resolved.

Really looking forward to this. If this holds up to expectations, I’m definitely going to be an early adopter. Glock 43x/48 compatibility, great price, ergonomics, and 15 round magazines.

I wonder if the polymer magazine will have metal inserts for reinforcement around the feed lips and insertion points. That is where ETS polymer mags fall short. Even 12 rounds would be a very welcome upgrade for me, pouring it on par with the P365.

I currently have a Glock 48, so I would put that longer slide on the Micro dagger, and put the Micro dagger slide on the Glock frame (provided that works, as it does with the regular Dagger).

Nothing yet.

Please tell me there’s some news about the release of the Micro Dagger.