Does the Flat Dark Earth Full Size Dagger have a Threaded Barrel?

I have a question about the Tan Full Size Dagger that has this SKU -

SKU DG02-51655130442
Brand Palmetto State Armory

Is the Barrel threaded with a 1/2-28 ?

It doesn’t say in the PSA product description.

There is some discussion of the barrel threading in the question section,
but I was hoping for a definitive answer from PSA staff.

Thanks for any info !

Yes it’s threaded and it is 1/2-28

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Good - cause I already ordered it !

Thanks for taking the time to share your knowledge. :slight_smile:

If the barrel wasn’t threaded, it usually would not protrude past the front of the slide like this one does. There are probably exceptions (I mean barrels that stick out past end of slide but are not threaded). Of course you are right to be a bit skeptical and ask questions because we know the photo isn’t always of the exact same product that’s being offered for sale. I have two Dagger slide assemblies with threaded barrels and they are both 1/2-28 and both have knurled, screw-on collars to protect the threads. You can sort of, almost, see that in one of the product photos.

Oh yeah that is another little world you can explore: accessory thread protecters for your threaded barrel. You can get fluted or knurled, probably other textures, different colors, different sizes, stainless ones, etc. I actually have two different thread protectors for one of my Daggers and three different ones for my Glock 17. Don’t ask.

NB: The full size Dagger “… is highly compatible with many aftermarket offerings.” Highly compatible is not the same as completely, and many is not the same as all. Although frequently mischaracterized by novices as a Glock 19 Gen 3 clone, the Dagger is not an exact copy of the Glock 19, after which it is patterned, in all respects. Continue to do your research and ask questions before buying accessories. When in doubt, ask. Someone will know. Sometimes, however, someone else will think he knows and will post nonsense. Your challenge, albeit a not terribly difficult one, will be to discern the difference. :sunglasses:

UPDATE: sorry, I see that I misread the question. OP wasn’t asking if barrel is threaded or not, just asking what thread size and pitch are used. I wish manufacturers, not just PSA, would put a bit more care into their product descriptions. Nowadays, with all of these computer-generated texts, the problem seems much worse.

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Here’s mine when it was stock, right after I picked it up. Same gun with the same sights, barrel, etc.