PSA Dagger FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the difference between the Compact and Full Size-Short Daggers?:

  • The Full Size-Short Dagger has roughly a 1/2in longer grip, and accommodates a 17rd flush fit magazine vs the 15rd flush fit magazine of the Compact Dagger. Both utilize the same “compact length” (G19) slide.

Help! My new Dagger came with a bent part?:

Can aftermarket Glock style pins be used in the Dagger frame?:

  • No. With the exception of the trigger pin, you need to use the provided roll pins in the Dagger frame.

Will the Dagger work in Glock 19 holsters?:

  • Holster fitment will vary from one holster manufacture to another. It’s the customer’s responsibility to ensure the holster manufacturer specifically guarantees fitment.

Is the Dagger’s magazine release reversible for lefties?:

  • No.

Can I use an aftermarket magazine release in the Dagger?:

  • (Most) Gen3 magazine releases will work.*

What punch should be used when removing and installing the roll pins on the Dagger’s frame?:

  • 1/8in roll pin punch. Here’s a link to a decent step-by-step

What iron sights are compatible with Dagger slides?:

  • (Most) Glock 19 compatible iron sights will fit the Dagger slides.*

What size hex key is needed to remove the set screw (if present) from the rear iron sight on the Dagger?:

  • 1/16in. Use heat (such as a soldering iron) on the head of the set screw to loosen the loctite.*

Is loctite necessary when installing an optic on the Daggers slide?:

  • Yes. Typically, blue loctite is used. Be careful not to use too much, as excess loctite can get into the channel of the extractor plunger and cause issues. Follow your optic manufactures installation recommendations for the proper torque of the mounting screws. (typically between 10-15in/lbs)*

What is the significance/differences between the SW1,2,3,4,5 & SWR slides?:

  • Simply a title that specifies the slide profile with the various milled designs (windows/ports). The Compact X slide is a 1/2in longer than the standard Compact slides. All slides are compatible with the Compact and Full Size - S frames. Choose whatever model is most esthetically pleasing. *Please see the compatibility chart below

What is the significance of “REAR SIGHT REAR” in the Dagger’s product listing?:

  • This refers to the placement of the rear iron sight in relation to the optic cut on the slide. “REAR SIGHT REAR” is the (normal) industry standard with the rear iron sight placed BEHIND the optic cut.

Is the Dagger +P/+P+ rated?:

  • +P, yes. Not +P+

Is the Dagger frame rated for .40cal & .357sig?:

  • PSA did not design/test the Dagger frame for use with any caliber other that 9mm. Do so at your own risk.

Can aftermarket slides & barrels can be used on the Dagger’s frame?:

  • (Most) Gen3 g19 slides & barrels can be used on the Compact & Full Size-Short Dagger frame.*

What aftermarket triggers are compatible in Dagger frames?:

  • (Most) Glock Gen3 trigger components (and Gen4 trigger bars) are compatible with the Dagger.*

What red dots are compatible with my Dagger?:

  • This will very depending on the optic footprint of your slide (RMR vs Doctor). A list of compatible red dots can be found here: RDS Compatibility

Are there any magwells available for the Dagger?:

Please note:

  • PSA recommends the installation of frames, barrels, slides, sights and other components be performed by certified gunsmiths to ensure proper function and safety.

  • Avoid excessive dry fire of your Dagger. Instead, utilize a “snap cap” or dummy round.

  • Glock Rear Sight Pushers will not work with Dagger Rear Sights because Dagger Sights are steel versus Glock (stock) Rear Sights which are plastic. Instead, use a sight pusher that has supporting arms on either side of the slide. Here’s a an example of a suggested sight pusher tool

  • When installing an optic, verify that the right mounting screw (orientated with muzzle pointing away from you), isn’t too long. The screw can pinch the extractor plunger if it’s too long, preventing proper movement of the plunger causing extraction issues. A simple test: With the optic mounted, remove the slide back plate and try to slide out the extractor plunger rod. If it won’t move or gets stuck while removing, the optic mounting screw is likely too long. Shorten the screw one thread at a time until the extractor plunger moves freely in the channel.


Thanks @mattbbb14 . I pinned it.


What thread pitch screws are to be used with the Dagger slides with the RMR optics cut?


Will there be any PSA floor plate/sleeve options for the micro magazines that will clean up fitment in other manufactures shorter single stack frames? I can see current owners of pf9ss or g43 being very interested in these magazines so I’m sure either way this void will be filled by the aftermarket and 3d printers.

The magazines won’t fit in a g43 or PF9SS. Those are true single stack pistols. The micro is more like a 43x

Thank you for this sir