My new Dagger came with a bent part! Its okay, look here

I’ve gotten quite a few messages as of late and have seen it pop up on a few other platforms, “I just received my Dagger (frame) and this part is bent!”

Let me assure you, this is not bent/broken/wrong. The ejector is angled like that on purpose, if it was straight your spent casings would not eject correctly out and away from the slide.

(From left to right Dagger, Dagger, G19, G19)

So get your slide back on that frame and hit the range, your Dagger is good to go!


thanks for the clarification with photos there @Anthony_PSA . this will help dagger new owners understand their firearms build better. keep up the good informational posts… these are great so far!!


tbh… sounds like dagger people being trolled by glock people…


it wouldnt be a surprise. especially with having to remove that one guy from the forums.


I just got my dagger yesterday. Took it apart to clean it and the slide won’t go on the frame. After a thorough inspection I see that the trigger Ejector hits and gouges the firing pin. If wiggled aggressively and forced it will slide on; nonetheless this is annoying and upsetting. Calling tomorrow to get this fixed. Hopefully they correct this issue fast. I’m eager to test it out. So far I love the looks and feel. Plus shipping was super fast. Shipped two days after ordering.

first, welcome @Gunzalez_5.56 … second sorry to hear of your issues… for some reason i cannot visualize what is going on with your gun in my minds eye… do you have any photos that you can post to show what its doing? are you sure its not just a case of installing the slide wrong accidentally? just asking questions to get a better feel to try to help. best of luck.

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Hey there I am glad to be here. So it’s not the slide not being put on incorrectly. I have been working with firearms my entire adult life and it seems to be that the firing pin or the ejector are out of spec and they collide upon reassembly. It also seems like they knew about this and slammed the slide on as there is marring at the back of the slide.
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@Gunzalez_5.56 for some reason your photos aren’t loading for me, but CS should be reaching out to you to setup a repair.


odd. well im sure you’re in good hands now that Anthony is helping out. He’ll get you squared away quite nicely… sorry you’re having issues with it.

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Is Anthony a PSA rep?

yes, anthony_psa works at psa.

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Im not going to lie, I’m so frustrated. I called PSA on Thursday and they “processed” my claim. I now have yet to receive the shipping label to send my dagger in for warranty work. The gun came damaged out of the box. It’s seems a little excessive 3-5 business days for a UPS shipping label.

just curios, are they just sending a label or a box and label? I’ve had stuff returned to S&W and they sent a box for me to put stuff in with a label and packing material. Taurus emailed me a label for another return, and I had to box it myself.

@Gunzalez_5.56 I just requested that CS resend the label, give it 15 minutes and let me know if it shows up please.


Got it thanks !

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Just a label. I bought my own box.

thanks again anthony. glad you’re able to get it mailed back now @Gunzalez_5.56