Full Size Dagger (S) is A W E S O M E ! !!

I posted about this gun in the official picture thread, but thought it was worth having it’s own topic.

So, yesterday I picked up my first (but not last) Full Size Dagger (S) (FDE with black slide). I immediately swapped the slide for one of my other Dagger slides, this one with a Holosun dot and a Faxon match barrel, and also added a Streamlight TLR7a. This setup looks pretty sweet, if I do say so myself.

So let’s talk about that full size frame and the ergonomics. Whole E, WOW! I am 50 years old, and I have not once in my whole life ever held a gun in my hand that fit me better than this thing does. I have gorilla sized hands, so almost every handgun ever made feels like it was designed for smaller hands than mine (probably because they are). But they might as well have used my hand as the template to make the mold for this thing, just … wow! It doesn’t just fit comfortably, it lines up exactly with where it should for me - practicing my presentation with my eyes closed, every time I open my eyes to find the red dot in the center of the window, both one handed and two handed. I’ve never had a gun with a dot on it I could do that with, even with a lot of practice. You can see in the pic how well it fits me.

Also, for whatever luck of the draw, the full size frame came with the nicest trigger out of the box of any of my Daggers. It’s actually nicer than the one in my FDE compact that has a 3.5lb connector, 6lb return spring, and some light polishing on my part. I presume that’s more luck of the draw than anything to do with the full size frame, but I thought it was worth commenting on.

The inside of the magwell is ever so slightly tighter than 2 of my magazines preventing them from dropping free cleanly, but all the rest of my mags do drop free clean, so I think it’s the mags in question more than the Dagger itself. And it’s nothing 90 seconds with some sandpaper won’t sort out, so no big deal to me (but worth mentioning in a review).

So after being really impressed with it as described above, I took it out back with a 21 round Magpul mag (+1) for a quick function test. Set the target at 15 yards, and then dumped the mag as fast as I could get back on target and pull the trigger between shots; 1 second or less between shots. The results are posted below. Yeah, yeah, I know - I am pulling down and left fairly often (about 25% of the time), but I’d still hate for someone to shoot at me that accurately!

So this is probably the final form for my “Red Dot Dagger”, other than maybe a fiber-optic front sight. There is nothing else I plan to do this one, other than see if I can go bankrupt shooting it. :slight_smile:

I imagine this one will have a brother or sister or two coming in the near future; this is just too perfect for my hand, and too affordable at $300-ish, for me to not have 2 or 3 (or more) of these around.

Huge kudos to PSA - this is a home-frigging-run, IMHO.


Thats my next purchase. Have the compact but definitely want the S as well

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I have carried Glocks (G23, G27) for over 25 years. Once I decided to get into 9mm, I got a G43 which I traded for a G26. I have built two PSA AR15 kits and found them to be of good quality. As soon as the Dagger Full-Size S became available, I bought one. It is very comfortable to hold and shoot.

This pistol has become my new favorite. It checks all the boxes on my wish list. My only complaint is that the Full-Size S pistols do not yet allow reviews on their description pages.


Yeah, I have been a Glock guy for a long time, but the Dagger has converted me. I sold my G19 and my G34 already, and when the Micro Dagger comes out, if it lives up to the hype, I can replace my G26 also.

Picked up the HiViz tall front sight (part # GLAD201, $28 on eBay when I ordered it) - it fits perfectly, and is the exact perfect height to low co-witness with the red dot.

Screenshot from 2022-11-14 10-43-50


Quick question for anyone with an S: Is there a hole at the base of the grip to affix a magwell via a screw?

I designed a magwell for the compact dagger and just bought a full size to develop one for that, but if there is no hole, that’s going to complicate things.

Thanks in advance

There is a hole at the base of the grip in a full size S Dagger, yes, although it’s not in exactly the same orientation/spacing as the compact Dagger.

Perfect, thank you!


Will the 35 round patterned magazines fit with the Full Size Dagger ?

Sure would like to see a Magazine combo with the Full Size Dagger, like the Combo Sale with the Compact Dagger and 10 magazines.


Yeah, same here on the full-size dagger and combo deals!

The magazines you linked there won’t fit a dagger, but these will:

40 rounds from ETS

33 rounds from Glock:

Magpul makes 21 and 27 rounders, Glock also sells 24 rounders (26 if you put a standard glock mag extension on them), etc. Lots of options.

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It sounds like the Dagger magazine well conforms to some form of Spec re. the Magazine Well, that it is “Glock Compatible”.

That is correct, the Dagger is, for all practical mechanical purposes, a Generation 3 Glock.

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Also found this KCI 33 round magazine for $20.

Will that work good with the Dagger Full Size ?

Yeah, that should work with a Dagger (full size or compact).

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Sounds like the Full Size Dagger might also fit the Magpul 50 round magazines.


actually, the one you have linked there is designed for pistol caliber carbines, basically 9 mm AR-15s and similar. But there is indeed one of those that will fit in a Glock pistol, and it is here.


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I was trying to compare the Full Size & Compact Daggers in Photoshop.

They almost look the same size, using the threaded barrel as an informal measuring stick.

I didn’t get around to counting pixels yet.

Here’s a pic of 2 actual guns for comparison. It’s like an extra half inch on the grip of the full size. It’s not much, but it’s a lot when you have hands the size of a gorilla like I do, lol.


Thanks !

The photo for the full size dagger does not show the Flat Dark Earth-colored Geometry on the left.

The top of the grip is about the same. The bottom has a longer “Swoop”, or extension, or - what would you call it ?

The bottom of the grip is longer on the Full Size.

The top of the grip looks about the same on the Full Size and Compact.

Thanks for taking the time to share your knowledge !

Should the “MAG1137-BLK” also fit the Full Size Dagger ?