This is the Best Dagger Flared Magwell Adapter

I bought 2 of these and they showed up today. In my opinion it’s the best one available for the Dagger although I have to admit its the only one I’ve ever tried.

Why did I buy this one and why do I think its the best?


First, the front alleviates the sharp edge at the front bottom of the Daggers grip and extends the grip just a tad lower. That helps tremendously with big hands. Although the Dagger feels amazing I’ve never liked how that one spot feels on my pinky finger when I grip the gun. It just feels too sharp to me.

Second, from an aesthetics standpoint I’ve always hated the look of the cutouts at the bottom of the grip to grasp the magazine from. I’ve never had nor have I heard anyone else having mags stick in the dagger. Even with polymer mags that dont have a metal lining I’ve never experienced them bulging or swelling and failing to drop either loaded or empty. Its a great design to include it into the Dagger, but I personally feel it was a fix for a problem that never existed thus causing an ugly grip. This flared magwell adapter fills those notches and makes the gun look so much better.

So not only does it make the gun feel better. It makes it look better. In addition to those features its still a flared magwell and will give you all the benefits those provide like faster mag changes. Tacticool points with the peasants next to you at the range. Picking up more chicks. Increased self esteem and so on and so forth.

I’m not trying to sell this but I’d like others with more experience than me to get one of these and weigh in with their opinions. @mattbbb14 has tons of cool Daggers and is even a pro with awesome pictures. I’d absolutely respect his opinion on this and I know he could make it look better than mine on some of his builds and his awesome photographs that he posts.


I appreciate your compliments about my collection. I’m not personally a huge fan of magwells on compact guns(large hands). My only reservation would be that it’s 3d printed instead of an injection molded part. There is another company with an injection molded offering that is supposed to start shipping on Monday I believe. POLYMER MAGWELL FOR PSA DAGGER COMPACT

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That one is interesting. Same features as this one. It fills in the voids on each side at the bottom of the grip and it also smooths out that sharp edge at the bottom front of the grip. That’s the only reason I tried the one above to begin with. Thanks for that link.

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Some might think I’m nuts, but I want to completely sand off the frame in front on one of my Daggers. That sharp edge bugs me. Lol


Several people in the Facebook groups have done this

I get it. I put a Pearce mag floor on a Glock mag and that lip on the Dagger grip front results in a mismatch of the lines. I put a bunch of black athletic tape on the mag extension to make the two blend but also thought about grinding off that little flare or lip or whatever you call it. Fortunately, PSA has a frame on sale with what amounts to a free laser sight so I might have to get another frame to butcher and experiment with.

Btw, your mag well looks great and I see it works with both Glock and the Magpul mags. I found that the Pmags have a thicker mag floor with different edge contour so these don’t fit in a mag well same way the Glock mags do. Another reason to favor Glock mags.

I have some ETS mags on order and am anxious to see what those look like.

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Mine didn’t fit!


You probably have to slip it over the front of the grip first then bring the back into position.


Bingo… Winner Winner - Chicken Dinner


This :arrow_up:

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Here is what it looks like. You can see that I did take a bit of the sharp edge off on the black frame. The FDE frame has been reshaped with a file and sandpaper. Of course I did stuff a rag in the mag well and clean it out after. I did not entirely remove the flare because I was a bit hesitant to remove too much material. Still, the transition to magazine looks and feels better.

Here are a few pics showing how the reduced flare on front of the Dagger grip looks with various magazines.

Hope this helps. Cheers!


Very nice. Leaving just a small lip makes it look good and most importantly it still looks natural and unmolested or tampered with.

Will this fit the full size Dagger :dagger: