Gun Orgs

Given the current state of affairs of the NRA, how many of you support GOA, SAF, AFA? I for one would not hesitate to support the NRA again if they perform a long overdue house cleaning, how about you all.


Not a resident (never even been but plan to visit in October) of Arizona, but yeah the NRA kinda sucks and has so much overhead. GOA for the win.


GOA for a few years now and for local groups VCDL (Virginia Citizens Defense League). PSA even put out a lower with sales of it benefiting the VCDL.

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Hey PSA we need an Arizona Citizens Defense League lower!


It sucks that it’s so hard to find honest groups and charities to try and do some good these days. Without handing your money directly to the individuals or lawyer that is fighting for your cause you never truly know if it’s getting used correctly or not. About as bad as politicians.