Introduce yourself - the welcome thread

OK, I’ll start. NE Ohio checking in, Ashtabula County. Would really like to chat with any others from around the area.


Northwest Ohio, seneca county here. So far this year I’ve built 7 ARs ranging from 22lr to 6.5 CM. Some parts coming from palmetto state.

Northwest Ohioan here…
Built my first AR15 lower (PSA) a couple months back, was seriously worried I would mess it up but it turned out perfect, not even a scratch on the finish. I mated it to the PSA 10.5" Carbine Length 5.56 and let me tell you; it’s one sweat little gun.
Now I just need to find a good outdoor range to shoot at regularly along with my PSA Gen3 PA10 18" Mid-Length .308… need a little distance to truly enjoy shooting the big girl.

Franklin County here! Built several PSA ARs over the last several years. Finally got my AK-V! Where does everyone shoot? I am looking for a new range/club.

Delaware County Here. ODNR has a outdoor range but not sure if they allow rifles. Anyone know if there is a limitation to type of weapon allowed?

The Delaware State Park shooting range recently underwent a few million in renovations. They allow rifles but not sure how powerful. They used to allow .50 bmg but not sure anymore. Check the website.

Cleveland here.

Started my AR journey with PSA.

I remember the old days when you could order certain parts for upper kits.

My first order was a pinned and welded CHF 14.7 upper with YHM Diamond handguard.

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Cleveland here…

Avid shooter / Collector
Ordered a KS47 2 years ago and have yet to shoot it… Also just built a PSA AR-15 to add to the collection. I just can’t resist the BLEM pricing. plus I can treat them a little more rough as they are not “case queens” .
I just got the bug to do some long range shooting And purchased a 6.5 Creedmoor last year before the shutdown of everything to test the waters. Finding a range in this area over 200yrds is tough without driving 2 hours south. Most of the 100 ranges look at you funny up here.

Lorain County here. I suggest PSA to all my friends in the area.

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Vinton Co. here - Lake Hope area

Lorain County as well.

Wood Co. Retired LE and 20 year FFL holder.

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Seems like an AA meeting.
My name is Paul and I’m addicted buying PSA.

Franklin County.


In Montgomery co. Retired LEO with training and retail experience since retiring

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Jim V here.
N.E. Ohio

Portage co just checking in

Hello, I am from PSA hometown of Columbia SC. but I have family in Ashtabula area. Just picked up my 4th firearm purchase from PSA. Recently discovered this forum and wanted to say hello.

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Howdy Partner :cowboy_hat_face:

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Wayne county Ohio here.
Gonna start my second build from PSA as soon as I get it. I ordered ar mags a day after I ordered my pistol build and the mags have already shipped. I’ve never been to a gun range mostly just shoot in my back yard. That’s one of the good things of living in the country with no close neighbors.

Montgomery Co
Love PSA.
Love the daily deals

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