I would suggest Kansas sub forums!

@lc556 Your Kansas forum has been granted!

Flat and windy!


Welcome to the forum @paklug59 !!


Where might someone find a list of forum rules amd regulations?

@nonvtec1992 Welcome to the forum!! Here is a link to our T&C. The T&C and Privacy Policy are listed as well at the bottom of each page.


JoCo in the house!

@PSAphan Welcome!!

Man is it Just Kansas that is out of shot gun primers? I have been wanting to reload some ammo. guess Like always was not paying attention when everything went up & out

I have friends who drive truck, and shop all the way there and back, and still no luck.

Guess primers are the new toilet paper LOL!!

Backwoods Dickinson county

Welcome @Azrael !!

Hello fellow Kansans!

Lawrence here (not a libtard)

If you have seen ‘The Day After’ (1983) you have seen where I live.

Welcome @bi11

Manhattan Kansas here really enjoy psa products

Welcome @donkers3 !!

Just recently started shooting! Bought my first pistol from psa and love it! Happy to be here in the KC area!

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