Massive blue cat I caught in the Lower Saluda

Friday night(5/27/22) I was kayak fishing in the Lower Saluda. I thought it’d be a normal night with a few stripers, but got a surprise with a huge blue cat. I knew it was big, but got it on ice and weighed it at Lake World Saturday morning. Topped the scale at 100 lbs. Has to be the biggest cat out of the Lower Saluda ever.


Damn son!

No need to hold that one close to the camera - “woe son!”

I have seen 6’ catfish before. They just lay on the bottom and eat.


Good Googley Goop Fred!

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That’ll fry up nice :+1:t3:

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Great catch!

You’ll need a case of Pabst Blue Ribbon to wash it down.

That’s catfish stew. Caramelized onions, celery in butter. Milk, more butter corn and catfish. :+1:

DAMN!! talk about a catfish fry party