Broken striker

Had the striker break on my dagger the other night. I only have 500 rounds through the gun but with dry fire using a laser bullet the trigger pulls are up around 7000. I didn’t realize that glock style strikers are vulnerable to dry fire till I went googling after it broke. Luckily the entire striker assembly is only $13.99 in the local psa retail store so prob solved.

I am disappointed though that I broke before I could try the daily mantis random drill:


That’s a LOT of dry firing. What is the lazer round made of? Does the striker even leave a mark?

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I’m jealous that I can’t drive down to the local psa store and buy parts… I would probably be there every day lol


It is brass with a rubber primer pocket. I assume the rubber is too soft to effectively slow the striker before it slams into the slide. It was one of the cheap ones like $20… so perhaps the more expensive ones are better and have a harder durometer.

I live one town over used to be that was a 40 minute round trip… now it’s 40min one way if 85 isn’t too backed up… way too many people moving here


Woodruff Rd. alone can take aver 20 minutes.

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yeah, that is the worst part of it… had to hit costco across the street for gas and academy for some ammo that psa didn’t have… and it’s just a total pain dealing with woodruff rd.

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This is a issue with PSA strikers. I broke two of them exact same place. One from 3-4k dry fire cycles another from 4-5k. I don’t believe this is common for other manufacturers. Still love the dagger but i probably need to replace the striker before i break a third.

Can you do me a favor and send me a picture of the actual broken surfaces? Both of mine had a visible defect in the metal.

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I have also broken 2 strikers. Both of them were in my PSA Dagger compact that I have had the longest. Both times they broke it was during dry fire and they broke in the same location. While performing dry fire I always use a snap cap. This is disturbing to me as I. have carried this pistol for defensive pistols. The first time customer service reached out and the steiker was replaced in short order. I currently have a warranty repair request pit with PSA.

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My striker just broke in my Dagger. I only have about 150 rounds through it but probably close to 500 dry fires. I’ll be reaching out to get a replacement striker. What was the process like for you? How was the turn around time?

Email [email protected] and he’ll get you squared away. You’re going to to want to use a snap cap from now on during dry firing to help prevent this from happening.

Mine broke in the same place. I think they are MIM parts, and most are okay, but a small percentage have flaws that cause breakages.

mine looked the same. not a big worry since there is a psa close by and the whole assembly is $12. I rarely dry fire, I use a laser bullet, but perhaps the primer area in my laser bullet is too soft to slow the striker down before it smacks into the slide

I broke a third at 4k or 5k strikes same way. I replaced it with a polymer80 striker and that one is at 6k-7k. If thats the only weak link thats still great turns it from a $300 dollar pistol to a $315 really rugged pistol.

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Just a heads up. Eric emailed me on Wednesday asking for a picture. I sent them right away. My new striker came in this morning. Only 3 days from my complaint to getting my replacement.


Any warning signs like stress cracks etc? Or it breaks when it breaks? My Dagger is my EDC, and would rather not be down long if/when it goes.

It’s a milled part. Most instances of the striker breaking include high amounts of dry firing without a snap cap. The good news is that you can pick up spare strikers from psa, or use an oem Glock striker.

I thought the oem Glock striker and the dagger were one of the parts that are not interchangeable. No? I’d get a Glock striker over a p80 ( as mentioned earlier) I’ve had p80 strikers break within 100 shots, and no dry firing without snap caps. If oem Glock work, I’d like to know for sure.

OEM glock firing pins will work in the Dagger slide. However the Dagger’s firing pin will not work in any other glock/clone slide.