Hello Any delewareians

Hello Delaware anyone her that loves psa as much as me in this blue state ?

Not many people from Delaware who purchased PSA products I am guessing.

As I understand Delaware is banning magazines? No grandfather clause.

I believe it passed the house and is waiting for the next step and I’m not sure on the grandfather clause it bans anything more than 17 unfortunately it looks like both bills will pass

There banning assault style weapons here’s the lists of weapons

I am not sure about the grandfather clause but I thought there is one.

Basically, DE just copied what MD did. It shows you how lazy the Democrats are and they just want to rule by their majority. What happens when Republiccans get the majority (never say never)? We will roll back all of it? This isn’t bipartisan what they are doing.

Well Delaware has a majority democrats although it only passed 22 to 19 there’s a grandfather clause and a 1 year grace period for buying because they know that will cause a panic buy the bill is house bill 450 if you want to take a look

Ohhh my god it passed senate 13 to 8 awaiting sign off from governor this is a bad day for my rights

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