No sales Tax on Firearms purchases


We need more like this!!


Pass this idea on Josiah, I suggest it’s way past time for PSA to start up their ammunition department, and where could be a better place to start it, than WV baby!

@stewartgary1987 I will send the suggestion up. I think the industry could use 10 more ammo companies right now and it probably wouldn’t meet demand!


We also have constitutional carry and a load of other gun friendly stuff. He’s also looking into getting rid of state income tax. I haven’t always lived here, but I’m so glad I ended up here.

Constitutional Carry is going through SC legislature at the moment. Fingers crossed that we may have it in the near future as well!


or as texas likes to call it now “wild west pimp style” youtube it if you haven’t seen it. it’s hilarious.

Does this mean PSA will stop charging tax on WV orders starting the 1st? Or will there be a delay making changes in the system?


“Guntry Rooooooads, Take me hooooooome….”


That’s a kickass question my fellow Mountaineer… PSA?!?

I sent a message to e-commerce and accounting with a link to the article. I am not sure of the logistics behind trying to exclude charging tax on single products from the website like guns and ammo vs. just exempting all products from the whole state. I did send them the whole article though!


Awesome, Thank you sir! Be sure to let us know :+1:

Well I added a completed lower to my cart and went to estimate shipping and tax. Unfortunately, there was still a tax charge. I went to chat with a CSR and they said that online orders will still be taxed. They included a link that I’m guessing explained the situation, but I got logged off before I could copy the link. Do you have a copy of what they were referring to? Can you confirm that WV orders will continue to be charged tax?

On a side note, I had chatted with Aero Precision and they said their system is not showing charges for tax on orders to WV.

I have reached out to Accounting. I will let you know what they say.

Thanks for the quick reply, looking forward to hearing the scoop!


We are looking into what our possibilities are at the moment. Once I have something I will let you know.



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All my (eligible) purchases have had Sales tax refunded, successfully.

All you have to do is ask. It’s no biggie.


You can thank the Supreme Court. Not PSA’s fault. Besides, this is a 3 year old rule now…

In its June 2018 ruling, the Supreme Court held that states had the authority to make online retailers collect sales taxes even if they didn’t maintain a store, warehouse or other physical presence. Before the decision, consumers were supposed to pay what is known as use tax on out-of-state purchases, but most didn’t. The decision came in a lawsuit filed by South Dakota against home-furnishings retailer Wayfair Inc. and other online sellers.

It’s easier to complain on the internet.

Why would anyone believe that a vendor charging a TAX on a purchase would allow that vendor to KEEP that money, “enriching themselves”?

Calling a vendor out as a “Crook” for Taxation on their own sounding platform by incorporating their name and a slur as your screen-handle (over something they have no control - TAXES) is one of the most Pedantic and Self-Entitled things I’ve seen. And I’ve been around the ‘Net since it began, and seen a lot of childish stompy-foot rants.

(Particularly when it’s easily “fixed”!)