Slide Components

Now that the frames have been released, slides will be built! Palmetto State Armory has our Dagger slide parts listed here. As of the original posting of this, PSA is still working to get some parts available on the website, but hopefully this will help.

Here is a list of the parts needed to complete a Stripped slide:

(1) Firing Pin/Striker Assembly:
-(1) Firing Pin/Striker
-(1) Spacer/Striker Sleeve
-(1) Firing Pin/Striker Spring
-(2) Spring Cups (usually sold as a pair)
(1) Firing Pin/Striker Safety
(1) Firing Pin/Striker Safety Spring
(1) Extractor
(1) Extractor Depressor Plunger
(1) Extractor Depressor Plunger Spring
(1) Spring Loaded Bearing
(1) Slide Cover Plate (and if needed Slide Cover Insert)
(1) Recoil Spring Assembly:
-(1) Recoil Rod
-(1) Recoil Spring
-(1) Recoil Rod Cap
(1) Sight Set:
-(1) Front Sight
-(1) Rear Sight
(1) Channel Liner/Slide Insert (usually does not come with Stripped Slides)
(1) Barrel (Threaded or Unthreaded)

*This list is not a definitive list for all stripped slides, please make sure you are research the slide you are purchasing about components and parts compatibility.


I pinned it for you @Joshlovesguns . Thanks for the list!

What is the slide cover insert?

Now all you need is the Dagger slide. :grin:

I’d pay careful attention to the compatibility of the Dagger striker with other slides.

The insert goes into the Slide cover and acts as reinforcement and a solid base for the spring to rest on.

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Can anyone tell me if the dagger slides will fit on a pf940c frame? I was wanting to build one and dagger complete slide seems like a good fit if it will fit. This is the best forum everyone is really great.

It will. I’ve done it. No,problems.

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Thanks for the reply I have been waiting for someone to reply. Now of course I am going to catch hell finding one because of president poopy pants and his aft.

Hello all, new here to the group. I had no idea a forum existed on PSA! Glad to be able to learn more about things with you guys.

I recently ordered a Dagger lower with LPK which included the Sig Sauer light. I thought that was a stellar deal. My question is, am I in deeper than I thought? I have a P80 I was looking to transfer components over to the Dagger and I see what appears to be issues with this kind of move if I am reading right.

I see there are some issues with strikers and such. Can I move my slide and components over to the Dagger without issues? This may have been asked before a time or two.

I feel like I bought too fast thinking that this G19 clone would match up well, but am thinking now some things won’t work from my P80 build at all. Is this the case and am I going to be buying all Dagger parts to complete the build from the lower I bought?

Your PSA frame will come with all the lower parts, so you wont need to move everything over. I recommend you use the PSA parts for a while. Most folks are finding the trigger really breaks in after a few mags, and you know everything works. When you start replacing parts you may run into problem.

I checked the triggers on both of my Daggers with my Lyman gauge, out-of-the-box and after 100 Dry Fires.

Before, the Average was just under 5lbs, with a couple of pulls drifting above 5.

Only Dry Fire, no oil, no polish, no blowing on the sear and rubbing it against my pants leg….


BOTH Daggers were within a few tenths/oz of one-another on a five-pull average.

Crazy, on a Bargain Mass-production pistol.

That said, the break isn’t “crisp” by any means, takeup is long, and reset is funky. It makes a cheap-sounding “sproing”, and the hinged trigger safety gave four of five people that shot it some kind of issues - my Brother and his Wife had particular problems, but everyone except her finally figured it out. She just couldn’t “get” it, and between limpwristing and struggling with the hinge, had FTF and stovepipes every single shot.

I had only one FTF on one pistol (first shot - didn’t seat the mag properly), and once The Wife figured out finger placement on the trigger, she was GTG as well.

Side Note: the Holosun 407c 8moa Open Circle :o: is pretty dang oAwesome.

I have developed Astigmatism as I age, and Red Dots are usually a Red Smear - the circle is Crisp, has no real “hot spots”, and fits the RMR Cut Dagger slide Perfectly.

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