Freedom Over Profit.

Since its inception, Palmetto State Armory has focused on providing the best quality AR-15 parts and accessories for the best price possible. Following year after year of exponential growth, Palmetto State Armory’s core principle remains the same, and our commitment to freedom before profit remains unwavering. The idea is simple:

Sell as many guns to as many law-abiding Americans as possible.

Putting guns into "common use" is an important legal defense established by the Supreme Court that safeguards the rights of the people against tyranny by prohibiting restrictions on firearms found to be "in common use". Putting any gun into "common use" protects against any attempt by the government to further infringe on the Second Amendment right of all Americans.

Our mission is to maximize freedom, not our profits. We want to sell as many AR-15 and AK-47 rifles as we can and put them into common use in America today. Our focus isn't to make massive amounts of money but to spread freedom as far and wide as possible. Our legacy will not be about money; we want our legacy to be about maximizing American Freedom. And we work every day to do just that. We make high-quality firearms at affordable prices for everyone! Then we back them with a Full Lifetime Warranty.

100% Lifetime Warranty.

Palmetto State Armory firearms are covered by an industry leading 100% Lifetime Warranty. This extends beyond the original purchaser. We want the person who bought a great quality firearm at an excellent price to have comfort in knowing that no matter what, the firearm can be fixed at no additional cost.

This includes shipping both ways.

We strive for excellence all the way through production and hope customers never have to use this warranty but we also pride ourselves in 99% non-repair/return ratio. It is there for peace of mind so that the consumer can be confident in their purchase. Should the consumer ever need to contact us regarding a repair under the warranty, simply use our contact form for the fastest response.

Humble Beginnings.


Industry Experts.

The family of companies to which Palmetto State Armory belongs includes: DC Machine in Summerville, SC; Ferrous Engineering in West Columbia, SC; Special Tool Solutions in Jacksonville, FL; Spartan Forging in Lincolnton, NC and Lead Star Arms in West Columbia, SC.

With the combined expertise and experience of this robust family of manufacturers and innovators in the firearm components and accessories industry, Palmetto State Armory is able to have ownership in every step of the process of its firearms - from the first forging of the receivers to the last twist of the muzzle brake.

Making it ourselves allows us to keep the price low, the quality high and stay strongly invested in researching and developing new products. And on top of that, we back our product with a 100% Full Lifetime Warranty. If it has our name on it we will back it up. Whether you’re the first, second or tenth owner, we guarantee our quality. Ten years from now or thirty years from now, we guarantee it. We want this to be fun, and it’s only fun if it works.

Meet Our Leadership.


Jamin McCallum

As a small arms expert in the military, Jamin’s love for the M16/AR15 platform began. In the early days of PSA, a "mis-shipment" of what was supposed to be PMAG’s came as buffer tubes. This began his quest to find out how to PSA could develop our very own AR-15. In 13 short years a lot has happened. Jamin has lead PSA to a full-scale AR production line, AK line, and so much more to come. Besides thinking of new business opportunities, Jamin enjoys spending time with his wife Deborah, their two children, and his black lab Midnight.

CEO - Competitive Shooter

Chad Wylie

Palmetto State Armory CEO Chad Wylie has an extensive resume including work in law enforcement, the US Navy and Corporate IT. Chad has made a huge impact in PSA's production quality and is focusing his efforts on enhancing each and every customer's experience. Chad spends most of his free with his family and shooting competitively in IDPA, USPSA and Steel Challenge. He is a former World Speed Shoot record holder, a member of the Steel Challenge “Club 13” and maintains 6 GM classifications. Chad is also a certified SC CWP Instructor as well as being a certified NRA Basic Pistol and Reloading instructor. Chad spends countless hours not only running the business but working with the PSA Shooting Team and interacting with consumers at the various Palmetto State Armory firearms groups on Facebook.

As founder Jamin McCallum remembers his time on deployment in Iraq. He says his time on the ground there helps motivate the mission of Palmetto State Armory to this day.

"I’ve seen what a society looks like when it falls apart. It’s really, really bad. That’s why our mission is to maximize freedom, not our profits. We want to sell as many Ar-15 and AK-47 rifles as we can; not to make a massive amount of money, but to put them into common use in America today.

I don’t want my legacy to be that I made a lot of money, I want it to be that this company produced the maximum amount of freedom. And so we work every day to do just that. Make high quality firearms at a price that makes them affordable to the most people possible. Then we back them with a 100% Full Lifetime Warranty.

If we can do that, I can sleep at night."

Palmetto State Armory continues to pursue its founding principle every day by building firearms in Columbia, SC that carry a 100% Full Lifetime Warranty and a price point that makes them accessible to as many people as possible.