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Burris 4-16X-50mm Eliminator III Rifle Scope 200116
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Burris 4-16X-50mm Eliminator III Rifle Scope 200116

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Brand Burris Co
Model Number 200116
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MFR # 200116

UPC: 000381001160

At the press of a button, enter the Drop Number and Ballistic Coefficient appropriate for the ammunition. This data is available in the Cartridge List (1,500+ Specific Loads) provided by Burris or from just about any ballistics software program.

To range, place the cross hair on the target and press either button on the objective bell. In less than a second, the range to the target and a lighted dot will appear indicating the correct aiming point for the specific ammunition for the distance to the target.

The X96 reticle provides a convenient and accurate METHOD to more easily compensate for wind. However, complete wind compensation is NOT fully automated within the scope. It still requires some thinking on the part of the shooter. In addition to distance, the digital display will show a 10 MPH Wind Value for the specific cartridge at the indicated range to the target. This is a “Dot Value” that corresponds to the dots on each side of the reticle’s vertical post. These dots let the shooter precisely hold into the wind. The shooter still needs to estimate the cross-wind and convert the 10MPH Wind Value displayed to the appropriate value for the estimated actual MPH cross-wind value. The shooter then holds into the wind using the appropriate “Dot Value” as shown in the examples below.


The New Eliminator III with X96 reticle technology empowers the rifleman with even more accuracy, more range, and a method of windage compensation that is now perfected AT ANY MAGNIFICATION. With the Eliminator III, it can accurately range and hit targets out to 1,200+ yards due to its enhanced ballistic programming that incorporates both the Drop Number and Ballistic Coefficient of the cartridge and load being shot. Combined with the new X96 reticle that offers a convenient and accurate method for determining hold-off for wind at longer ranges, the Eliminator III delivers extreme accuracy at extreme ranges.


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