Constitutional Carry In Tx

Passed the house… now on to the Senate. What do ya think the chances are?

Welcome @cribiformfx We are in about the same position here in SC!

I think the chances are excellent bc of our Republican majority senate and a Republican governor who is trying to win back conservative votes

@MJ1128 I hope it passes!

I also hope it passes but I doubt it will. Too many Californians moving to texas to weaken the state. They left that place because it’s a horrible joke do to the choices made by voters at the polls… Now they escape to Texas and are going to make it another failure just like California is.

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Welcome @rdodd100478

I kind of like the CHL process the way it is here. At least people have to demonstrate that they know how to safely handle and fire their weapon before they can legally carry. It also makes it easier on law enforcement because if they pull you over and you hand them your DL and CHL they know you don’t have a felony on your record and have already had an FBI background check. Having seen people panic buying without ever having held a handgun or rifle before, it worries me a bit that anyone will soon be able to legally carry.

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Welcome to the forum ATX_1911. I respectfully disagree with you that the current LTC system teaches either firearms safety or proper shooting. It’s essentially a waste of 4 hours. The alleged qualification course is too. As a retired LEO, I always assumed someone was armed when I had contact with them. For me, and most of the Officers I worked with, this would be a non-issue. I have very little faith in the federal system that claims to conduct a background check. One only has to look at their local prosecutors office to see the staggering number of disqualifying cases that are pled down to some meaningless charge just so the elected DA can claim a high “conviction rate”. Real criminals are carrying guns anyway so a background check is of no value.

It looks like it passed yesterday except for some minor tweaking in committee after which Governor Abbott will sign it. All theatrics to gain more votes anyway.


I agree with you. I think that is funny that the blood suckers (Tics) say that it will make it harder for law enforcement… how? By now arming the people that follow the law and have no reason to pull a firearm on an officer? By reducing crime? Perhaps it will be by creating less victims?
Less laws usually means that the officer is engaging less with the public. Less engagements means less risk. Less risk… Well, means less risk.

While we wait for the house to take up HB1927 once more after the senate added amendments I have my doubts it will pass this second time. One reason is because there are far too many “Republicans” that are statists and want govt to control the people (hard to do when they are walking around with guns on their hips) I fully believe that Republicans “allowed” the amendments in order to help kill the bill so they can lay the blame on the Democrats…

I remember 7 years of REPEAL OBAMACARE (of course they have NO plausible means of repealing with Dems in control of the house.) Once the Republicans had control of all three (house senate & oval office) the very same Republicans that voted to repeal only a few weeks before, suddenly had a change of heart and said “Obamacare isn’t that bad after all…” Similarly I DO NOT believe that there are enough 2A faithful Republicans. Instead for them its an “ISSUE” to get funding or votes NOT about what is right or wrong.

To me Dan Patrick & Paul Bettencourt are doing the same thing only Patrick actually said he was against constitutional carry. And there are others that act more like Democrats but claim the Republican party…

Fact is all that “talk” on the floor is BS & distraction. GUNS are already out there on the streets in the hands of criminals and they ALWAYS WILL BE. All we want is to give the poor HONEST S.O.B. a fighting chance. The “Wild West” prophesied by the left when licensed concealed carry was being voted on years ago HAS NOT come to fruition. Gun fights in the checkout isles of the grocery stores has NOT increased and children are not gunning down teaches in elementary school any more than they did before CHL’s were passed in to being in Texas


Back to the Senate :+1:

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Well it passed last night :face_with_monocle:

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So, I see it passed both houses and is headed for the Governor’s desk. This is a good thing. I moved to Texas from Georgia coming on 3 years ago and back in GA I had a concealed carry permit. I had considered getting one in Texas but never did because the process was, to me, a little onerous. Back in GA the process involved filling out a form, getting fingerprinted (to check against an FBI database) and paying a $75 for a 5 year permit. A few weeks later, the local probate judge signs the permit and I get it in the mail. That required a trip to the courthouse, being fingerprinted for law enforcement to prove I hadn’t committed a crime and $75 out of my checking account…just so I could carry my pistol on my person. Move to Texas and find out I need to do all that AND attend a firearms safety course AND demonstrate my proficiency.

While I get why those two measures seemed appropriate, it did keep me from getting one here since I arrived. I’m looking forward to being able to carry again once the Governor signs this in.

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If someone has a link to the actual bill please post it. I’m tired of reading opinion pieces and conjecture.

It was included in my post a couple days ago

Thanks. I presumed there were changes before it went to the Governor. Quite a long document.

Yeah I’m no lawyer, but I did take advanced constitutional law in college and that was a tough read especially with all the red redaction and green addition text while reading on a phone.

Yeah just waiting on this to be finished. I know some changes were made but once it’s passed we can always go back later and fix some of the more idiotic ones. Still glad we’re finally getting this done.

Imagine that. Being Houston adjacent, I am so glad he is gone.

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