Shooting Ranges

What’s you favorite range in Washington? I’ve only lived here (Yakima) for 2 years and haven’t been to but 2 ranges: The Range (indoor) and the public one out on Sheep Company Road in the Wenas Wildlife Area. The Range is a business so obviously it costs money to go there, and it’s limited to 25 yards. The outdoor range on Sheep Company Road is free and provides greater distances, but you need to be mindful of other people and their levels of firearms training/discipline (or lack thereof).

Federal Way Discount Guns has an awesome indoor range located in Federal Way.


There is a nice range in Cowlitz County

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Issaquah Sportsmen’s Club is a nice outdoor range. I’ve always had a good experience shooting there.

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I usually shoot at Wade’s Eastside in Bellevue. They fairly recently renovated and improved the ventilation and removed the gravel berms in favor of armored bullet catchers. Staff is generally friendly and helpful and are on the spot regarding range safety, regularly patrolling up and down the bays. They also have private booths for rent upstairs which is new and can pencil out if you have a larger group. Someone can correct me if things have changed but I no longer shoot at Bullseye in Tacoma as it was like the Wild West in there with no oversight to be found and people openly handling guns outside the lanes. That was years ago and I hope things have improved.
I hope this helps in your quest!

@starwarsguy, You need to try Sun Valley Targets out past Moxee, it’s all outside and provides long range :+1:

I have been on the East side for about 5 years now. Not easy to find any pits or outdoor ranges. I’m lucky enough to have enough acreage that I can shoot in my backyard, so I have not tried too hard. If anyone has recommendations, love to hear them.

Indoor - Lakewood Shooting Range. No memberships, about $15 to go and shoot. It’s one of the cleanest ranges I’ve ever been to. No price gouging in ammo and the range staff is respectful and stays out of your way and/or will very much do what’s needed to keep the range safe. Max distance 75’ for both rifle and pistol.

Good people! They allow my Shotguns and Any Ammo I wish to use. My interest is Home Defense. For zero-ing in shotgun ammo, optics, etc, they set me up in an empty Handicap Stall in the pistol range. Perfect distances for Defensive Shotgun. :us: