PSA Custom Firearms

Next Level Standards.

The PSA Custom Series line of firearms were designed and engineered for loyal fans looking for standards that went above mil-spec in the areas of weight, durability, aesthetics and ergonomics. Those four areas of emphasis were met head on by PSA’s team of expert engineers that dedicated countless hours to research and development. The results were two custom platforms, the rock solid AR-15 and the competition friendly pistol caliber carbine (PCC). Whichever one you choose, rest assured that you are getting a rifle that will take your love for shooting to the next level.

PSA Custom Optics

Be Agile. Be accurate.

Whether you’re mounting it to an AR, AK, a shotgun, or a pistol, PSA Custom optics offer lightning-fast target acquisition and pinpoint accuracy whether you’re in close combat or competition situations. Made with precision and durability in mind, our custom optics are built to outlast even the harshest environments.

Parts & Accessories

Build with the best.

Take pride in building your firearm and find everything you need with PSA custom- manufactured parts and accessories. Our top-of- line products are 100% American-made and rigorously tested for months to ensure that our customers receive nothing but the best. Find both upper and lower parts for a variety of platforms, as well as accessories to match your custom build. Start today and build it your way with PSA Custom-made parts and accessories!

Why PSA Custom?

The PSA Custom Series of firearms, optics and parts & accessories relies on modern innovation, design and engineering to take your shooting platform to the next level. From PCC to AR-15 rifles, the PSA Custom Series helps eliminate excess weight while adding durability and improved functionality. Another great advantage of the PSA Custom Series is that it gives you the option of upgrading your existing rifle with its offering of nearly twenty individual parts & accessories or taking home a fully custom-built firearm that will carry a Full Lifetime Warranty.