Im going to pick up my Taylor’s and co 1875 Army Outlaw Remington I’ll be glad to bring it home. I have AR15’s rifles and shotguns. So i started collecting revolvers and reloading.


Nice. What caliber?

IMO-If you shoot you eventually get into revolvers. I am gravitating to carrying my revolvers more. The 686 and M29 does it for me. I scoured the countryside and will pick up a 629 Four Inch later this week. I’ll get that one right in my EDC lineup as well. Train, shoot, carry and have fun with your revolvers. :metal:


its a 45 long colt.

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Im already looking for my next one hoping to pick up a Doc Holiday.

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I don’t know if posted this Taylor’s and Co 1873 smoke wagon 45LC that i got a while back its a very sweet revolver case hardened frame 5 1/2 ince barrel. About a 3lb trigger i love it thanks palmetto state armory.

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