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Geissele 13" Super Modular Rail MK8 M-LOK, DDC – 05-285S
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Geissele 13" Super Modular Rail MK8 M-LOK, DDC – 05-285S

SKU 60738
Brand Geissele
Model Number 05-285S
UPC 854014005809

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Height: 2.3”

Length: 13”

Inner Diameter: 1.35”

Outer Diameter/Distance across Quadrants: 2.11”

Weight: 10.8 oz.

Weapon Platform: AR15/M4/M16

*Does not include gas block and barrel nut wrench.


The Super Modular Rail (SMR) MK8 M-LOK™ is Geissele’s ultra-modular model. The SMR MK8 is one of the first rails available to utilize the Magpul M-LOK technology. These rails are designed to give the user full modularity while maintaining a strong and rigid platform. Maximum venting at the lower 45° quadrants create maximum heat dissipation and also dramatically reduces the rail's overall weight. The SMR MK8 is both versatile and modular, allowing the user to tailor their platform to his or her unique needs. The SMR MK8 also features Geissele's proprietary 2" long barrel nut. This increases the surface contact where the rail interfaces with the receiver and creates a platform that can be trusted to be straight and true the entire length of the free float rail. This increases accuracy and zero repeatability during disassembly and reassembly when performing maintenance.


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