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Lockdown Vault Accessories Essentials Kit - 222714
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Lockdown Vault Accessories Essentials Kit - 222714

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Brand Wheeler
Model Number 222714
UPC 661120227144

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Contains: 12" Dehumidifier Rod, Handgun Hanger, Hygrometer & Automatic Cordless Vault Light
Protects from rust, corrosion and mildew with the Dehumidifier Rod
Makes use of lost space with the Handgun Hanger
Monitor safe humidity levels with the Hygrometer
Positional light for dark spots under shelves with Automatic Cordless Vault Light


The Lockdown Vault Accessory Essentials Kit is perfect for setting up a new safe. The Dehumidifier Rod eliminates moisture and protects from rust, corrosion and mildew which is harmful for all firearm collections. The Handgun Hanger makes great use of the lost space on the door, letting you hang handguns where you desire. The Hygrometer is great for visually monitoring the humidity level inside your safe. The Automatic Cordless Vault Light allows you to position exactly where more light needs to be shed. Lockdown is the most comprehensive line of vault accessories available today. A wide variety of items designed to enhance organization, control climate and generally improve the usability of your vault.


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