PSA MOE SBA3 Lower Build Kit, Black - 5165448884

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PSA MOE SBA3 Lower Build Kit, Black - 5165448884

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SKU: 5165448884
UPC: 5165448884
MFR#: 5165448884

A high quality lower build kit with everything you need to assemble your AR-15 lower into a pistol. Features mil-spec single stage fire control group, Magpul Grip, Magpul Trigger Guard, and black oxide coated hammer and trigger springs. Also includes SB Tactical SBA3 Adjustable Pistol Brace, castle nut, latch plate, carbine buffer spring, 6 positioning mil-spec buffer tube, and standard carbine buffer.

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The PSA MOE SBA3 lower build kit includes everything needed to turn an AR-15 lower into a pistol conversion. The parts included are Magpul Original Equipment, which means you're AR pistol will be built to withstand a beating. The Magpul handle and trigger guard are optimal for ergonomic handling and operating, even with gloves on. The SBA3 brace is adjustable to 5 positions, and is designed for compatibility with nearly any AR pistol conversion capable of accepting a mil-spec carbine receiver extension. Palmetto State Armory lower build kits conveniently include everything necessary to quickly and easily complete conversion. Order yours today!
SKU: 5165448884
SKU 5165448884
Brand Palmetto State Armory
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SKU: 5165448884

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Is it possible to get this kit in Dark Earth color?
Shane C on Aug 3, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Yes PSA offers an FDE kit as well.
I just received my kit. What is logo do you have on the end on the of your brace? I own several of these braces and legitimate ones have the SB Tactical logo. The logo on the one I got is the PSA logo and quality on this brace and buffer tube is nowhere close to the quality of the real one.
K P on Aug 28, 2018
PSA MOE SBA3 Lower Build Kit, Black - 5165448884
PSA MOE SBA3 Lower Build Kit, Black - 5165448884
SB Tactical SBA3 Pistol Stabilizing Brace, Black - SBA3-01-SB
SB Tactical SBA3 Pistol Stabilizing Brace, Black - SBA3-01-SB
PSA SBA3 MOE EPT Pistol Lower Build Kit, Black - 5165448657
PSA SBA3 MOE EPT Pistol Lower Build Kit, Black - 5165448657
BEST ANSWER: I contacted SB Tactical with this questions. Here is the response I received from SB Tactical "We do in fact make the SBA3 for Palmetto State Armory. We partner with many different manufacturers and offer to have their logo on the product versus ours, but these are still genuine SB Tactical products. We ship the SBA3 fully assembled to Palmetto, so we do all the assembly."
Is the buffer tube in this kit 7075?
P V on Aug 18, 2018
BEST ANSWER: I believe it’s SB Tacticals buffer tube which is 7075 on there website
Does all of this work on an AR9?
Eugene on Aug 3, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Yes it does. I have it on mine
To make a complete lower all I would need is a receiver?correct
Joel on Jul 27, 2018
What is the weight of the buffer? Will it handle 5.56 out of a 10.5 inch barrel?
Eugene on Aug 10, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Yes it will. Have used one 10 1/2 in 556 upper to this lower. Love the brace.
Is this kit available with the polished trigger ?
Joe H on Dec 28, 2018
Will this buffer and spring work with a 300 blkout?
Captww on Aug 25, 2018
BEST ANSWER: That has a LOT to do with your application (supersonic/subsonic ammo, barrel length/gas system length, and whether or not it’s suppressed.) that being said, it should generally work.
Will this buffer and spring work for a 7.62x39 AR build?
John G on Aug 13, 2018
BEST ANSWER: I am running a pistol length gas system 7.5" barrel 7.62x39 and the gun works flawlessly. It's very loud, but it works great
Does this work for a 300 AAC pistol build?
Gerry on Oct 26, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Yes, it works wonderfully with any ar15 platform caliber. I have this on a lower i use with 6.8, 7.62x39, 300blk, 556, and 22lr. Any standard ar15 caliber will work well.
In planning a 7.5 pistol build. I've got the stripped lower, will this kit work to finish the lower or is it just for converting a rifle into a pistol ?
Kelvin P on Jan 20, 2019
BEST ANSWER: I used this exact brace to finish my pistol build. Make sure you dont convert a rifle into a pistol without filing for a SBR. It will fit any Mil Spec lower.
The picture looks like the FCG is the EPT, but no mention of it within the description. Am I correct in assuming that it does not include the EPT?
Benjamin L on Sep 28, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Just assume that it is standard, and hope for the best! I received one black trigger, one silver trigger in the last 2 bundles I bought. The fit and finish on these lower kits is one of the best I have gotten from the last 5 different vendors. The trigger I received with the last one does look the same as the one I ordered in FDE with advertised EPT. Hope this helps knock you off the fence with or without it is still a great deal
Does this come with a firing pin or do I have to buy one separate?
iaf99 on Oct 15, 2018
PSA MOE SBA3 Lower Build Kit, Black - 5165448884
PSA MOE SBA3 Lower Build Kit, Black - 5165448884
PSA 20
PSA 20" Rifle Length 5.56 NATO 1/7 Nitride 15" Lightweight Mlok Upper - W/ BCG and CH
BEST ANSWER: The firing pin is in a bcg which is not included in any lpk.
If I were to use this for a 9mm build.. is it recommended to replace the buffer to a harder one? AR15 buffers don't work well on 9mm, is that right?
V L on Aug 31, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Your best bet is an AR-9 Heavy Buffer and AR-10 308 spring IMHO.
If I put this on an AR9 build.. is it recommended to change the buffer and to what?
V L on Sep 3, 2018
BEST ANSWER: An AR-9 Heavy Buffer and AR-10 308 buffer spring work great for me to limit bolt travel and lessen felt recoil in my PSA 9mm lower.
What is the weight of the buffer?
D B on Aug 12, 2018
BEST ANSWER: 3oz carbine buffer
does everything but the buffer spring and and buffer work for the pa10?
Phillip H on Jul 26, 2018
BEST ANSWER: If you're talking about the LPK stuff, no. But the FCG will and the brace and grip work just fine on PA10.
Does the pistol brace have the PSE logo ?
Greg M on Dec 5, 2018
BEST ANSWER: The first one I ordered didn’t have it. But the second one I ordered did. So it may be a toss up.
Should there be a lock washer included in this kit for the pistol grip screw? There was not one in my kit
Diron B on Nov 4, 2018
BEST ANSWER: There was one in mine.
Will this work with a 300 aac upper from psa?
Chuck on Jan 20, 2019
BEST ANSWER: Yes, this kit works to complete any mil spec stripped AR15 lower. The upper will have a 300BLK barrel. You can use a standard 5.56/.223 bolt carrier group with 300BLK because they share the same case.
So this is only for a pistol? Not a 16” rifle for example?
Brook R on Jan 19, 2019
BEST ANSWER: It is designed as a pistol brace. You may decide to have a 16” barrel on your AR-15 pistol and this brace will work wonderfully for such an application. Legally you may attach this to a already built AR-15 (rifle), but you then can not shorten the barrel less then 16”. The barrel is the deciding issue. But you may build an AR-15 pistol and then swap a different upper to your pistol lower, without any problems.
So I have just got this parts kit been putting it together and I have an extra spring and detent. I'm not supposed to?
Zac P on Dec 5, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Yes, they include an extra of each, for the pivot pin... they are easy to lose.
Just assembled my lower, and I have an extra dent and spring? Is this normal ?
Smitty on Oct 24, 2018
BEST ANSWER: They send an extra set since one usually goes flying off into the abyss
Does anyone know the distance from center of trigger to end of brace fully extended with the Law Tactical installed?
MrMatt on Jan 14, 2019
BEST ANSWER: I have 12-5/8” fully extended. I have a Spike’s Tactical lower with the Fostch echo trigger installed, just to cover all the bases. Love the brace! I’m 6’4” tall and it’s very comfortable to shoot.
I want to use this with a 9mm upper, ar-15 lower and a conversion block what else will I need for this to run reliably?
Moose on Jan 11, 2019
BEST ANSWER: You'll need a heavier 9mm buffer for reliability.
I'm putting this on my PSA AR9 build. Any one know if there are any issues with the tube/spring for the 9mm? seeing some YT videos saying 9mm's require tweaking/upgrading either spring or tube.
V L on Nov 17, 2018
BEST ANSWER: The only I found was the buffer needs to be different for 9mm. I picked one up for my 9mm build. Works great! The tube and spring are milspec. They should work with milspec stuff.
9MM Steel Body Buffer Assy - 482667
9MM Steel Body Buffer Assy - 482667
If i wanted to use this on an AR9 build which buffer spring and buffer would work?
John G. on Oct 20, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Always use a heavy buffer for AR9 builds. There are buffers that are specific to the ar9( heavier and longer oal when compared to standard carbine buffers). You can use a standard heavy buffer. But use a spacer or make one with a stack of 6-7 quarters. The spacer prevents bolt overtravel that tends to break the bolt catch. Heavy buffers also help with timing and reduces felt recoil.
This appears to be a very nice kit. To make this kit complete, is it correct that I’d only have to buy a hand guard and firing pin or is there something else needed?
John R on Apr 1, 2019
BEST ANSWER: This kit will complete a lower reciever build.
A firing pin goes in a bolt carrier group.
A handguard goes over the barrel and attaches to the upper reciever.
Both those items go with an upper recieve build.
Not a lower reciever build that this kit is for.
How’s the trigger in this kit? Is it smooth or does it have a long trigger pull? Thanks
Andy k on Jan 26, 2019
BEST ANSWER: It’s fairly descent It does have a bit of a trigger pull but that’s not a deal breaker for me .. I would buy again
Hello, does this buffer tube work with my spikes 9mm last round bolt hold open lower build?
Oscar M on Jan 25, 2019
BEST ANSWER: Yes, it will work no problem.


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Grear product no issues
May 22, 2019
4 months ago
Great price for what you get.
Put this on a Spikes 9mm lower for my PSA gen 4 9mm upper. Great handy little setup.
May 22, 2019
4 months ago
I never thought a 300BLK SBA would become my favorite firearm
Combining this kit with a 10.5" 300 BLK upper has created a monster. Adding a Sightmark red dot and a $50 amazon rail light has mad it my bedside buddy. From the very first round this combo functioned flawlessly. And mega bonus, it fits in a 24" rifle case. I was getting touching holes at 50 yds with the un-magnified sight. I may have become an addict, AR Pistols FTW!
May 14, 2019
4 months ago
Great value
For the price it can’t be beat.
April 21, 2019
3 months ago
Good price for everything
This was a good price, I was satisfied with what I received.
April 21, 2019
9 months ago
Parts kit
Works great for my new 300 blackout build
User submitted image
Added Apr 7, 2019
April 7, 2019
5 months ago
Im getting sub moa at 200 yards with factory ammo (hornady)
April 1, 2019
10 months ago
Great lower build kit fast shipping
April 1, 2019
3 months ago
This is a high quality brace with plenty so adjustment to accommodate every shooter, highly recommended
User submitted image
User submitted image
User submitted image
March 30, 2019
4 months ago
Will buy it again for a maurauder build
Put this on a psa 12 inch 6.5 grendel wont boar you with the lower details. Bottom line much better than the blade in my opinion will buy another.
March 26, 2019
3 months ago

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